Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quilting 101

I'm not sure where all my blog commenters went. I've missed you. Even my husband, who lives for the comments, asked why people weren't commenting. It can't be my bad breath or the fact that I didn't get dressed today that has turned you off. It must be that I am not talking about subjects stimulating for my intelligent audience. So here we go.... quliting. I knew that would draw you in.

Yesterday I went out to a friend's house for a new-fangled quilting bee. It was so entirely fun. I loved every minute. The ladies who were there were from my MOPS group (mothers of pre-schoolers). Our host has a long-arm machine quilting business and was generous with her home and invited us over to make a table runner and then quilt it on her machine.

There were 5 of us piecing away. The patterns was sort of complicated and made me think more than normal. I was going to do my taxes this week, but I'll have to wait now since I used all my brain power for the next month.

We all brought our own fabric and it was interesting to see people's personalities come out in their selections.

And then it came time to machine quilt. Oh, it was fun. The machine stitches when you move the handles and no matter how slow or fast or jerky you go, the stitches are uniform. I LOVED it and did an overall "meander." Our host does fancy patterns on her quilts; they are breathtaking and it inspired me to finish one of the quilt projects I have started and have her machine quilt it for me. My inspiration will probably fade as my brain power returns, so this could be my last quilting post for awhile. Too bad for you.

We all got a chance to quilt our own projects. Some said, "Oh, that was fun!" while others said, "Ah, I didn't like that. It was way too hard." Different peronalities again.

I brought home my table runner and put the binding on it today. I spent an hour hand stitching about 1/3 of it and then my brain power returned in a small spurt and I got out the Stitch Witchery (fabric bond -- like glue). I bonded the rest with the iron and you seriously can't tell the difference between my hour's worth of work and the 5 minute lazy woman's work.

My dear mom once received a table runner as a gift and proclaimed, "I love it! It will cover my crack perfectly!" It's been a family joke ever since. And, interestingly this table runner does perfectly cover my crack -- the crack in my table that is.

I am so happy with how my project turned out. It's hard to tell in the picture, but the patterned piece on the end is a print of vintage spice packages. I fell in love with it and purchased way too much. Part of my purchasing enough fabric for about 14 table runners was due to the fact my children were running around the store playing with fabric sample quarters. Emma pronounces fabric like fag-gitt, so hearing her say, "I love this fag-gitt!" was disturbing to say the least. I asked her to please refer to it as clothe.

These are the table runners done by the ladies. Mine is the top middle one. We all used the same pattern and I loved seeing how the different fabric choices brought out a uniqueness in each project. I could make a beautiful parallel between the quilts and how God weaves and blesses our lives, but my kids are whining and I think it is dinner time. Gotta run!

So there you have it -- a stimulating quilting post. If this doesn't bring on the commenting, I don't know what will.


Tawny said...

Ok, that was the funniest thing I have read in a long time and I totally did not expect Emma's... nickname... for fabric. Oh my, keep this up and the commenters will be back in no time. Note: they've been gone from my site too :( Then again, I have been Debbie Downer lately and am trying to perk it back up.

Kellie said...

I'm not sure where the comments have gone, I haven't seen much comment action in awhile either! It may be time for another "how to" tutorial.

I love your quilted table runner, it looks great! I adore fabric but can barely work my sewing machine but that's something I'd love to change. One of these days I won't have to read the manual every time I want to do a basic stitch!

Melanie said...

That is too funny about Emma - we are both laughing hysterically!

Sara said...

I saw your status update on facebook today so it was fun to read this post and find out all the background to your comment. I would be inspired after a fun get together like that! Okay, not really, I don't know the first thing about quilting (I'd never even heard about a long-arm quilting machine - thanks for posting pics!), but it looks fun!

Have I not commented as much lately? Sorry! Up until your couple comments tonight on my blog, I'd have to say the same about you though... =) It is amazing how much those comments can mean to a blogger. BTW, I think it's neat that Jeff takes interest in your comments too!

Shawna said...

I am so glad to read that your crack is appropriately covered! I about lost it when I read about the 'fabric' pronunciation! I so needed the laugh today, thank you.

I also loved the last part about the comparison to how the same patterns turned out so differently and how God weaves....it was priceless and the perfect nugget to take me off to slumber.

Lindsay said...

They turned out so nice! I wish I would have signed up for that one, I could have made another little dent in all my fabric. How fun!

pseudostarss said...

Ive been sick for a good week with a terrible sore throat. Needless to say I needed a good laugh. And reading about Emma's "fabric" pronounciation definately made me laugh out loud. And then I laughed louder when you asked her to please refer to it as clothe. :)

Stacy said...

I wanted to come too...car broke down though and Mr. Wiedz was off working that issue out. Plus he was sick which meant my childcare was unavaliable. Next time. Great tablerunners though.

I am happy to say that knowing you girls were there doing that made me motivated to work on my cousins baby quilt. Post to come soon!

Cathy said...

What a great story and beautiful quilts too! I also have been wondering where all the comments have been to my dismay. Come on people!

Sherri said...

Forgive me for not commenting! (So busy!) Your previous post was so true, in the moment you can feel like they are going to drive you crazy, but just back up a bit (or fast forward)and take another look from a differnt perspective and experience the Joy! Such a precious gift!! (don't want to lose my comment so didn't bother changing my post name- mom)

Grandma Sherri said...

now about this one- I feel as if I may be the butt of that joke again! Same table, same crack :)
Your father and I are both chuckling over Emma's newest mispronunciation!
I wish you were here to help me with my quilt.