Sunday, March 15, 2009

Basketball Championship

Most likely you don't come here looking for reviews on recent sporting events.  I am notoriously disinterested in sports. But I married into a family who is passionate about all sports. Well, I don't think they like bowling all that much or curling. Basketball, football and track? Those are the sports everyone in the family follows and most have played.

I talked about our youngest brother Jesse here and here when he was playing football in the fall. I also talked about my tendency to watch the cheerleaders instead of the game. It's a learning process, people.  I spent 13 years taking piano lessons, in high school I sang in the jazz choir, and I did Bible quizzing at church; it is a huge leap to understand the flow of an athletic event. But I am trying. I make my husband feel super smart by asking him lots of ignorant questions during the game.

Last night was the OSAA high school basketball championship game (4A) and Jesse's team competed, Central vs. Brookings Harbor. It was a monumentus occasion. You can read more about it here in the Statesman Journal's article. There is also a video clip that shows Jesse playing.

Jesse is pictured on the far right. Central spent the first half of the game mostly in the lead and it was so exciting to watch. Central went on a 6 point run right before the half. The fans were exuberant. Jesse Peters made an effortless basket and his cheering section went crazy. But Brookings came from behind and tied the game at the half. 

An interesting fact to note: the Brooking's team has 3 players who are already signed to play college ball. Central? none. Our team is good with a 20-2 game record, but not many expected our team to play so well and make it to the final game through the finals. 

I think I could start enjoying this sport commentating thing.

The second half of the game was difficult to watch as each team took turns leading. Then, Brookings hit a few 3 pointers in a row. Brookings kept a lead for the most part and Central seemed to lose the ability to make baskets. 2 of our players attempted 3 point shots in the last 20 seconds that would have won the game, but they didn't go in. All my finger nails are bitten off. It was so nerve racking. Central lost 49-52 making them 2nd place champions. 3 points! They were so close. 

I appreciated the attitude of the team as portrayed in the newspaper article. Central was happy to be there, played a good game against a deserving team. It was a thrill to be able to watch such an important game with a family member immersed in the action.

(Photos from Statesman

For those of you who love sports and think I should never commentate on another game again, I apologize.  It won't happen again. Or at least very often.  I'm just so proud of Jesse and the good game he played along with the team, I couldn't help myself this once. For the others of you whose ears/eyes went numb trying to follow what I wrote above, no worries. It won't happen again. Or at least very often. I'll be back to posting about clothe diapers, revelations about mothering, and my dietary issues in future post. :)


Alyce said...

Great sports commentary! :)

That's too bad that they lost! We follow college sports more than the high school sports. I'm sure when our kids are older we'll be attending every game though.

I hope you get over your cold soon!

Sara said...

Hey now, I took 10 years of piano, sang in the select choir, did Bible quizzing at church....AND played volleyball and basketball and love sports. So, I guess, my point is that being musically inclined does not give you any excuse for not knowing much about sports! Good thing you married into a sports-crazy family! =)

Anyway, it's super exciting that Jesse's team made it to the state champs and did so well! My parents had a blast at the game last night and my mom had to give me her own commentary of the game too. =)

John and Kelly and our lambs: Joshua, Jacob, Josiah said...

You have the only camera in the family that works inside of gyms, so you are in charge of the sports photography for sure! I purposly don't blog about sports because I know that I won't have any friends any more. WHAT was with the stalling when they were behind by 1 with 4 min. left in the game???!!! WHAT was with the refs!!!??? Yes, I have lost sleep over this. This is why I cannot go there on my blog because then you guys would know just how looney I am with sports;)

Kellie said...

I admit to having very little interest in sports and could honestly care less about football. Really. However my brother in law was a kicker for the U of Idaho and my husband is a big fan of college football and so I try. I find football on television to be absolutely boring but in person not so bad. And I have no idea what's going on. Basketball I'm a little better at.

Grandma Peters said...

Great commentary!!!!

I will be at all your childrens games!!! Well, most of them!!

No cheerleaders in this family, please.

And by the way, I do like bowling and curling!