Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Strong baby names...

Poll results of 24 voters:

Deyanira = 50%
Tehilla = 20%
Zena = 16%
Questa = 8%
Hepzibah = 4%

Thanks for the input! Thank you for participating and placating my random sense of humor for this post that fell precariously close to April Fool's day. I'll have some more palatable name choices in a poll at a later date.

I already discussed baby gender and name disclosure and got a lot of feedback. It was great to read. Even though we don't know the gender yet of our third child, discussion of potential baby names has already begun. For a boy we are thinking about Walker Remington. Walker, in honor of the Texas Ranger and Remington for the firearms manufacturer, Remington Peters. It is a strong name. He'll be able to knock a crowd of 10 angry gangster flat with one kick or shoot them all with his appropriately named firearm.

We are still in disagreement over the name for a third girl! Let me tell you, coming up with 2 we agreed on was hard enough. Jeff likes very simple, common girl names and I like the unusual. For number 3 we think it should also be a strong name, like our boy name, but those are hard to come by in the feminine. We want something that makes a statement. Besides the name Zena which everyone thinks of as the warrior princess (this is Emma's vote).

Help us out with our baby namer on the right and take the poll. (My mom saw this list hanging on the fridge and said she hoped this wasn't a list of baby name options. Sorry mom, I plan to scare you a bit more).


Anonymous said...

Um, can I vote for "other"?

Melanie said...

Brian and I have the same relationship about names! I want interesting and unusual, and he wants something anyone could pronounce and spell. Years ago, I came up with the best one ever - EmmaLeigh. But he thinks even that is too hard!

Annie said...

A friend in my church is due in August and she is naming her girl Alathea (did I spell that right?). It reminded me of you, but I can't remember exactly why. Was it a camp name? Or was that a different story? or was that not even you?
Anyway, she has another girl named Grace, so they will be Grace and Truth. I like the uncommon names, but Jeff would probably never go for that one.
We have a much easier time coming up with girl names. So far for a boy I like Graham and Evan (but I'm still not sold on Evan). I'm thinking maybe Evan Graham Robinson. I will probably hate that name next week, but we hope to have a name by the time he is born. Well, that was a long comment, maybe I should just write a blog post on it.

Sara said...

Those are definitely unique and interesting names... and names I've never heard of. Can you give us some background on each one - i.e. origins, what you like about each one, how to pronounce them, etc? I feel like I can't even begin to make a decision on which one I like when I can't even figure out how to pronounce half of them! ;o)

Kellie said...

My husband and I are much better at agreeing on girls names, we have completely different tastes in boys names though! I tend to prefer old fashioned names that have stood the test of time. If Ethan was a girl he would have been Eleanor Elisabeth.

The names on your list are definitely unusual but I kind of like Tehilla. I'm not 100% sure of how it's pronounced but I'm guessing the "eh" is a soft sound.

Alyce said...

Although I will gracefully say "what a beautiful name choice" for whatever you pick, I too vote for "other."

One of my favorites that I read in a book (can't remember which book) was Annelise. I couldn't use it for two reasons, the first and most obvious being that we had boys, but also because I wouldn't want to have a child whose name was so similar to mine.

I always liked my grandma's name too - Loretta. Although she hated it, and it is kind of old fashioned.

Good luck! I can't wait to see what you choose.

Shawna said...

With Mandy and Emma, I can't imagine that the list is the REAL list and you aren't trying to trick us with initials or something of that nature! I voted none the less though just in case.

Rick has a Kimber handgun and I refer to it like "Is Kim with us today?" HAHA What about Remi? We play a lot of naming games with my dog friends whenever someone gets a new puppy because they like to name litters with themes with the parents, like a litter born on the 4th of July and one was named "Banner" so the Remington got me going!

Whatever her/his name is it will be beautiful and she will be strong because of her strong mother (lets not forget the recent car trip bathing episode) and upbringing even if her name was Fiona, Belle, or Ariel. :-)

Andee said...

Wow i can't believe you left out some VERY strong Biblical names like Dorcas , Jael , and Jezebel. Of course there is always Jacobed the mother of Moses, Saphira - submissive to the end but not very good with money, Bathsheba - always bathing that one, Rahab - need i say more? If you would rather go with something Urban in honor of our president let me know. For now though i am going to vote "OTHER"

Leah said...

I second Sara's comment...Zena is the only one I can pronounce and it reminds me too much of the princess warrior (and bikini's) so I don't think it's my favorite but I suppose I could be persuaded to change my mind.

Lindsay said...

Why do I have a strong suspicion that this post was meant for April Fool's Day :)?

Grandma Sherri said...

If it wasn't for Jeff I'd be seriously worried!
Andrea's comment ...:) What was the gals name that put the tent peg through the guy's head? There's a strong woman!
Uncle Steve's favorite girls name is Abigail- One very gutsy lady!

Michal said...

i don't believe you for a second because of your other girls' names, but i'm sure whatever you choose will be lovely. i do hate it when people tell me they don't like a name that we have chosen, but i have to admit that when EVERYONE likes it, it also makes me nervous that we've chosen the next trendy name.

i haven't been over in a couple of weeks and so just figured out that you are pregnant! congratulations! i can't wait to read more about your names and pregnancy adventure.

Anonymous said...

OK I agree with Emma because Zena is the only one I knew how to pronounce!!! Have you considered the name that Job used: Keziah... Nowhere in all the land were there found women as beautiful as Job's daughters - Job 42:14 I think it fits with the unusual that you are working on. Jenni Birch