Monday, August 10, 2009

Window treatments

Thanks for all the comments and advice! I think I will for sure go with the roman shade after many of you gave me mental pictures of my rambunctious son climbing beautiful curtain panels. That's why I love you guys!

I decided to go with the elephant, safari theme for the baby's room. It goes with our family and with the general earthy color scheme in the rest of the home. And we have plenty of African accessories to use that are sentimental.

Earthy colors make me feel all warm and fuzzy. In fact, I want to curl up and take a nap just thinking about it. Plus, I can't get excited about painting anything right now. Taking a nap sounds way more productive. I am painting all the walls a warm cream color, with the focal wall dark brown on just the bottom half.

I received this mobile from my friend Melanie who is working with Sam's Purse in Uganda. Seriously, I am completely blessed to have a friend who sees a safari mobile half way around the world, thinks of me and my precious baby's room, and sends it to me!

For the room, I also have the green chair. I need to start bringing in some prints, besides this really great brown fuzzy blanket I found at Target that apparently has no matching accessories. The safari sheet pictured is from another Target bedding set and is too bright and includes a lot of blue, something I am trying to avoid. I will probably take it back. Or more likely, I will never remember to take it back and will use it in the room against my better judgement.

So, I need to bring in more texture and more pattern and I need to figure out the window treatments:

The room has this set of windows to the right when you walk in the door. The wall is about 10 feet long. And again, the wall will be painted cream instead of this lovely yellow color that was nice for the yellow/pink girl's nursery thing I had going on before, but not for the earthy safari room.

I need your help deciding what to do for curtains. The windows already have room darkening shades because room darkening for little ones is SO helpful. The shades will stay or go, depending on what I decide for the curtains.

Idea #1 would be to do a two colored panel, pushed to each side of the window and leave the shades for practicality. I like the dark brown on the top and bottom. I think it would look good with the dark brown from the adjoining wall.

Another idea would be to match the color of the wall and do some drop-cloth curtains. Cheap and quite thick to block out a lot of light.

Do you think panel curtains would make this tiny room feel too crowded? The third idea would be to do just a roman shade in a print and forgo the panels.  I really like the ones above, but I would hang them above the window instead of inside it. Bamboo roman shades would also look great in the room, but I can't make those myself from clearance fabric, and well, you know how I am.

I already asked Design With Christine her opinion on the room and she posted here what she hates about theme rooms. I have to agree and will be very careful to not go overboard. I look forward to reading her other great advice for the room. She is a pro, but I also want your help!

Leave a comment and vote on:
1. two-tone curtains, brown and cream
2. cream drop-cloth curtain
3. roman shade

... or another idea that you want to share with me!


sherri said...

I say wait and see what it looks like with the bottom of the wall painted the chocolate color. I like the first one but it might be too busy...

Kelleigh said...

I'm a big fan of the drop cloth curtains, because they are simple, versatile and EASY for you. Layla got hers at Lowes, so I would, too. I've seen the ones at Walmart, and they are too light and I think they have random wierd words on them, too. I love the idea of the roller shade and panels like you did in the girls' room. Would be SO cute!

No blue, huh? What about animal prints? Good?

Anonymous said...

Although they all look cute, I think I like the drop-cloth curtains the best. That picture definitely gives off the warm, fuzzy feeling!
Just my two cents,

Kellie said...

Before I could make any recommendation I would have to ask a series of practical questions such as: What is going in front of the window (if anything), how often will you be opening/closing the window coverings, and what is your budget? If you're planning on having anything in front of the windows (chair, toys, whatever) I would go with the roman shades to keep floor space clear. For drop cloth curtains you'll need to extend the curtain rod quite a bit from the edge of the window so you won't cover the window with fabric when you want it open. That takes up more wall space, plus you'll have to buy a pretty long curtain rod. We have drop cloth curtains in our huge front window and they're a pain to open/close even after we put them on the rings.

I think my vote is Roman Shades. More practical and they look a little more tailored and with your personalization they would look great!

Cathy said...

I like the roman shade idea, but because it's a double window, I think I like the first one...mostly because it reminds me of mosquito netting in the middle-which reminds me of the jungle too! Oooh, oooh, ahhh, ahhhh!

Dan & Hillary and little Russell said...

I put drop cloth curtains in Russell's room due to easy of cleaning in the washing machine. I bought his at Target for $20, I think. Will be glad to see what you chose!

simplykersh said...

I would probably go with the drop cloth, but add a contrast stripe of fabric or a few line of ribbon along the bottom as an accent.

Also for 'theme' stuff and fabrics try Burlington Coat Factory, they have tons of baby themes upstairs.

Happy decorating!

Eric & Jenni Birch said...

I like the dark brown elephant blanket. I think that it's shape made larger would look neat as a silhouette on one of the walls. The drop cloth curtains look more relaxed and that is nice if you plan on nursing in this room. When I have had curtain reach the floor they gather dust and fuzzies. You may be a much better house keeper than I, but I suggest hemming them so that they are not dragging on the floor. Have fun - Jenni B

Lindsay said...

I think I like the roman shade look. It is neat and crisp and functional. The others are beautiful too, but could be a problem when baby boys starts crawling and know the phrase "climbing up the curtains", that would be the reality in my house, anyway! :)

Andee said...

My vote's for the roman shades. As soon as little Remmy starts scooting around, those curtains are going to beg to be climbed. Or used as a jungle vine to swing from. The others are much prettier, but when it comes to a little boys room, I'm going to have to vote function over form.

Lesley Miller said...

I don't have any good decorating advice because I'm not a seasoned decorator like you, BUT, do you read Young House Love?

This post makes me think of you!!