Friday, August 07, 2009


Try as I might, I can't seem to keep Emma's stick-straight, fine hair trimmed perfectly. It always looks a bit mangy when I am done with it. And Mandy's? Oh, heavens. Chasing after an almost 2 year old Owen Wilson look-alike with a pair scissors isn't my idea of a good time. I found out that my hair stylist cuts her client's kids' hair for $1 per year and I thought, "Why am I even attempting this?"

I took both the girls in for trims. All the way there Emma was sure she didn't like this idea, but then I told her she would be like a princess and she changed her tune.

Emma is all for anything that makes her a princess and she was eating up this pampering experience... the chair, the cape, the clips, oh my!

While I wrestled Mandy to the ground and changed an incredibly dirty diaper, Emma got extra special care and got her hair curled and "parkies", aka sparkles.

She even gave my stylist, Trisha, a hug when she finished. Emma looked like a princess indeed. 

Mandy was badly in need of a trim. I let her bangs go, thinking I could get her to keep clips in her hair. It is such a struggle! She really doesn't like "pretties" in her hair. Could she be more different than her sister?

Trisha had about 2 minutes to work her magic on Mandy. She should really charge more than $1, but I'm not complaining.

With the cropped bangs, the baby disappeared and a little girl sat in her place, full of mischief and spunk.

My 2 beauties! Best $5 I ever spent.



Shawna said...

It so seems that you are always on the same track as my mind! Madison needs her first hair cut so bad. She finally will leave clips in her hair and rubber bands too. The problem is her mother has NO SKILL when it comes to styling let alone getting the darn rubber bands in! Now my Mom on the other hand utilizes her years of experiences grooming her 4 yorkies (think top knots and TINY rubber bands!) I need to bite the bullet and just pick a place.

They are the epitome of CUTENESS (and princessness)!

Kellie said...

They look great! My hairstylist also charges $1 a year and I've been taking the kids in for haircuts ever since I found that out. We did Grace's ourselves for a long time but boys hair was out of my league and that's when we started going to the hairstylist. They totally earn their $1 when they cut Ethan's hair though, I tip generously! I've discovered that a special treat that takes a long time to eat, like Trix cereal, works great for getting a little one to sit still long enough for a decent hair cut. Poor Ethan has to go in every 2 months because his hair grows at a phenomenal rate!

Kelleigh said...

Adorable!! Love Trisha. I need to go see her SO badly!

Grace said...

So cute!!! I'm thankful to only have one with hair long enough to cut so far!

Olivia said...

Love it!

Andee said...

Benton says, "aw, they're so pretty!"

Kelly said...

Emma looks 7 years old with her mature hairstyle! Too cute!

Cathy said...

Wow! A dollar a year...she's either crazy or an angel! They both look beautiful.

Dan & Hillary and little Russell said...

Wow- I love the blondies... Emma sure looks like you!

Sara said...

Love the cuts! So, who's your hair stylist? I might be in town somethign this week and Abby definitely needs a trim!!