Saturday, September 19, 2009

Facebook is easier

These days I often update my Facebook status with a link to my blog when I write a new post here. Then my "friends" know they can check out my blog to read something new. 

FB is really for quick, short, usually impersonal updates, not lengthy picture posts like I tend toward. What I have noticed is that my friends jump over to my blog, thanks guys, but then they jump back on FB to leave a comment. No matter to me because I see both, but non-Facebookers don't get to see all the comments not left on the blog.

For instance, here is what was posted to FB after my bringing-on-baby post:

Such a wealthy of advice! Whether on the blog (click on __comments at the bottom of the post to leave a post and include your name if you choose anonymous), or on FB, I appreciate the input. I'm feeling quite exhausted from reading these suggestions and now need a nap. :)


Grandma Sherri said...

Wow! you sure have received a lot of advice! Andrea was pasdt her due date and I never did go into labor, you were 10 days early and I don't remember doing anything out of the ordinary. As you know I've always said you didn't like being told what to do and a sceduled c- section wasn't going to happen (it was scheduled for Oct. 1, you were due Oct 8). Meanwhile you may do as all these fine helpful friends have suggested, but since being pregnant tends to bring back some of those childish behaviors occasionally, my guess is you will do what you want:) and who knows What baby boy wants? Maybe he wants to share your birthday, Or Benton's...

Andee said...

Just hopped over to FB to read all the comments and came back to leave on e here :)

Cathy said...

I've been doing the same thing...when I post something on my blog, I also post it on facebook with my blog address. Most people don't leave comments though, which is discouraging sometimes. Although, along the way, I'll hear of those who say, "oh yeah, I look at your blog all the time...just don't leave comments." At least I know it's being looked at. I'll still do it, regardless. It is theraputic to me, as I think it is for you too! :-)