Friday, September 18, 2009

The Induction

At this point in my last pregnancy I was a blogging crazy person. I blogged religiously, but then again I only had one child to look after and she was almost 3. There is a big difference this time around in my energy level and my responsibilities. A preschooler and a toddler demand much and I have little to give. Of course the discomfort level is more intense and started earlier on this pregnancy than the last one too. All I can think about it having this baby; today would be a good day.

Friends, family, and random strangers are fantastic at giving advice on how to bring on labor. These are things that have been suggested I try:
  • long walks
  • jumping on a trampoline (the very idea sends my body reeling in pain)
  • ingesting Cod-liver oil, or maybe it was Caster oil, Motor oil?
  • tractor rides
  • 4 wheeler rides
  • mowing the lawn
  • hot fudge sunday, I kid you not
I'm sure there are others you can suggest and depending on how dramatic, I might give it a try. And don't worry. My blog audience is on the top of the list of notification as soon as the baby comes -- I won't be Twittering about my labor, but my absence from blogging doesn't actually mean I am dealing with a baby. It just means I am bored and uninspired.


Kellie said...

I'm going to suggest mopping. Nice vigorous mopping. Added bonus is clean floors! It was my method of choice to bring on labor with Ethan. It cetainly brought on some good contractions!

Actually my house is never cleaner then when I'm about 2 weeks from my due date. These days? Not so much.

simplykersh said...

Lets see I tried walking stairs, taking caster oil - twice, and using the breast pump every 15 minutes for hours (in all your spare time!). That was obviously all for Heidi when I actually had time to do all that and she was still much to late (about 5 weeks). Nothing worked - so only try if you are desperate.

For Clara my mid wife suggested going to the beach and walking in the dry sand - sounds like a good option to me! The idea is to get your hips moving. She also had me fake this by putting my hands on the wall and slowly "hula-hooping" my hips. Doesn't that sound like fun? We tried the beach, but it was raining at the coast so all the sand was wet.

My best advice is to just wait, unfortunately. If you need a nap or rest or time to try induction techniques, I can take the girls if you like (except for the 4 days I am gone next week.) I can't wait to meet the blessing you carry in you!

Dan & Hillary and little Russell said...

I, too, read about the castor oil. Never tasted it myself, though...

I had one friend post so much on FaceBook during her delivery, it was a little weird. No need for details to the world, especially for the guys!

Sara said...

I am sorry to hear you are so much more uncomfortable with this one - it's amazing how different each pregnancy can be. But baby boy will come when he's ready, no matter how uncomfortable his mama is. Sorry, that's my advice! He may need another week or two, so just hang in there! Oh, and if you try the trampoline option, please be careful!! I can't even imagine a 9-month pregnant woman jumping on a trampoline. =)

Aly sun said...

Can you even imagine jumping on a trampoline? The very idea!

Annie said...

There is one thing ... it involves your husband. I don't think I need to say any more.

Stacy said...

I sent a friend of mine into labor with my spaghetti. Yikes!

But let me know if anything works so I can be prepared.

Jacqui said...

spicy mexican food and the horizontal mambo (aka sex). Don't you feel sexy??

Lindsay said...

My sisters always told me "a long walk and a little lovin'" :)

Shawna said...

Too bad all the things being shared take so much ENERGY! Walking, mopping, gymnastics, lovin'? I am tired just reading about it. Now the 'simulation' of the hula hoop suggestion might work, especially if you have access to a Wii that might be fun for the girls to watch! You might induce labor just from the laughing.

I am sorry you are so uncomfortable. I want to suggest sleep but I know how unrealistic that is as uncomfy as you are.

Here are a few with less cardio: labor accupressure and real raspberry tea.

Hopefully canned meat works!

Alyce said...

I think exercise (walking, not jumping on a trampoline) is the best, but I've also heard that spicy food and sex are supposed to work.

I hope things go quickly for you with the labor and delivery (and that it happens soon)!

Andee said...

I'm pretty sure sex is an "old husband's tale." But I can think of worse ways to spend your energy--like the trampoline.