Monday, October 05, 2009

Bokeh instead of Baby

What I really want to be doing is taking pictures of tiny toes, tiny fingers, and the soft fuzz on my newborn's skin as I fall more in love.

Instead, I took an assignment on PW's blog (click here) to capture Fall Bokeh. Bokeh, by my own definition, are the fuzzy points of light in the background of the picture. Bokeh shows up when taking a picture of something up close and the background is brightly lit. The points of light remind me of diamonds, and fairies, and something magical. Very pretty, but not so easy to capture. I never take still-life pictures because, honestly, I am terrible at it. My still life pictures put me to sleep normally. But I needed to get out of the house before I went insane and this was a worthy distraction. While the girls scouted the most beautiful gravel pieces they could find, I snapped away at ordinary things around our place.

Click here to see some amazing photos of Fall Bokeh from PW's group. Here is what I came up with:

Corn Stalks 
The sweet corn on the cob was so delicious this summer.

I need to plant some more trees with fall-beautiful foliage because Poplars just aren't very fantastic. I call this:
Ode to the Boring, but Fast Growing Poplar

Ode to an Old Truck with Dead Black Berry Vines Bokeh

Emma asked me why I was taking pictures of bad weeds, so I call this one:
Bad Weed Bokeh

The orange in the picture is a pile of used bailing twine. I think Bokeh can make anything beautiful. It was fun practicing.



Shawna said...

It is so very cool to see that you have your photography to use as a distraction during this time of 'wait' but also that you can see the beauty in ordinary things. Very nice.

Dan & Hillary and little Russell said...

With all this practice, you could start an Etsy shop online to keep you entertained:-) Not that two young girls aren't entertaining, either;-)

Shawna said...

I forgot to say, the truck one is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

You are so hilarious when you are bored! You won't be bored long - relish it. Jenni B

Lindsay said...

I like the corn stalks. They are all very pretty, though. Way to enjoy the moment and capture "fall".

Andee said...

I'd hang your boring poplar on my wall.