Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Self Sufficient

It's a zoo around here. I found there is only one safe place for the baby if I need to do something else besides hold him and monitor to make sure his sisters don't torture him. 

I prop him up in bed on the Bumpo, spin the mobile, and turn on some jungle sounds from his super cool, white-noise Giraffe. This usually gives me about 5-10 minutes of time. And the girls think he is in his room sleeping, so they leave him alone. Usually.

On this day he actually fell asleep in his crib. I didn't notice for at least half an hour. I won't call the poor little guy neglected, just self sufficient.



Dan & Hillary said...

"Self-sufficient"- I love it;-) Probably will be a laid-back kid since he'll learn early that the older sisters will demand more attention;-)

Choco Girl said...

I love it! I love the patchwork on your page. How do you all do it? Now that I have a notebook, I would like to start blogging again. Where do you find all your cool stuff?

Sara said...

Yes, I've learned how subsequent children following the first-born are much more "self-sufficient"!

Cathy said...

Ahhhhh, very nice! What's a Bumpo?