Friday, November 20, 2009

Pictures from Emma's Birthday Party

Finally some pictures from Emma's birthday party, a week and a half ago. The busyness that has invaded my life recently still surprises me.... more on that later.

We decided to have Emma's party at my in-law's. They have a great barn and hay loft. It was a far cry from the princess theme party that Emma envisioned, but she eventually caught on to the idea.

She helped make pink cupcakes. I even let her break the eggs. Of course I always make her crack them into a bowl first, but I am truly amazed at how well she does. She even frosted the cupcakes herself. We were having fun with red food coloring that day!

5 squiggle candles for the birthday girl.

Emma's party included her cousins, plus her friend Heidi. The hay forts and tunnels and rope swing were very entertaining.

We roasted hot dogs over a fire in between rain storms.

Hot dogs are always a crowd pleaser to the pre school age crowd.

I made this "pin the tail on the cow" poster. It was the only game I planned because, well, back to that busyness thing again. I was scribbling with a sharpy on this poster an hour before the party.

The barn has some treasures, like this circa 1982 spring horse. Raise your hand if you had one of these! Oh, so much fun. There is probably some health hazard with those exposed rusty springs, but it is still entertaining like nothing else.

Emma got a play, pink camo gun. It makes a lot of noise, but we don't have any pretend bad guys around our place any more.

Emma is as diverse as her gifts. She got a beautiful party dress too (the one I attempted to take her birthday pictures in -- click here to see the finished product). It was a great party and lots of fun.


Sara said...

Raise you hand if you've ridden on that exact horse some 20-25 years ago. =)

Cute pictures! I love that Emma wanted and got to help with her birthday party preparations.

Melanie said...

You "scribbled out" that cow in a few minutes right before the party? I'm impressed! That is a very cute cow!

Cathy said...

Pink camo rifle and a party dress...I love it! She is going to make some guy very happy some day!

Andee said...

Benton spent a long time trying to describe the pin the tail on the cow game before I finally figured out what he was talking about. Cute cow!!

Katie Rose said...

Fun Party! I LOVE the apron in top picture, did you make it? I'd love the pattern if you did.