Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Decorating Meddler Strikes

Danielle has her first real gig. Not really. True to my meddling form, I went and stole a picture from my Aunt's blog and went to town with online shopping and photoshop. Be careful what you post on the internet! She casually mentioned she needed curtains for her living room and I came up with a solution for her.


My aunt recently moved with her family to Canada from southern California. They are busily enjoying the cold winter and settling in making their house a home. I am very impressed with the new green paint they found on clearance in the mis-mixed section. Great idea! It looks great with the white trim.

From what I can tell from the pictures, the couch looks like a neutral cream. The hardwood floors and other wood accents warm up the space, but I think the room needs more texture, more pattern and an additional color or two.


I found a great throw pillow at Pottery Barn. It has the green from the walls and also pulls in a subtle red since I know there are other red touches throughout the house. The couch, floors, fireplace, and clock all lend to the classic feel. I wanted to add to that, but not get too "retirement home" about it. The 20" pillow covers are $39 each plus the insert for $14. I am sure my aunt can find an inspirational pattern for pillows for much cheaper and sew them herself. I used really pretty store-bought napkins once for pillows, $3.99 a piece.

I added a tonal, paisley gold panel curtain also from Pottery Barn. They are a $89 per 50" panel *gulp*, so I think a similar look from JC Penny (they have great clearance drapes) or making them would be the best idea. The brown linen roman shades are from JC Penny for $29 per shade. I would hang the curtains out from the window and above the casing, making what will look like a whole wall of windows.

The rug, from is $378. They have free shipping right now. A big rug that adds color and texture is just the right touch I think.

When the beautiful Christmas tree comes down, I think 2 chairs in front of the window would be perfect. These are also from Overstock for $170 each.

That's all for this post. Danielle will strike again soon.



Peggy said...

Wow, that was fun. Thanks so much for the ideas. I will work on it as time and $ allow. The white "chair" was left in the house. That is the only piece of furniture besides the clock and piano, so we are truly starting from scratch. I love what you can do with photo shop!

Cathy said...

You are having way too much fun!

Andee said...

Ah, the wonder of photo shop :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! Great ideas! Catching up on your blog was the perfect way for me to spend a morning home from church with the flu. My visions of a beautifully dressed family at church on Christmas Sunday are not going to happen. Carson's Christmas outfit is too big (last years Children's Place outfit on clearance), Livia looks sweet as usual, Nathan wouldn't wear his suit to church because I stayed home and Trenton is sick with me at home (might as well be, he didn't grow as much in a year as I thought he would either. But I guess that's not what Christmas Sunday is about, I do have much to be thankful for! Merry Christmas Alysun!~ Kelsey

Amanda said...

I have a decorating project for you! What is your email address?