Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Best of 2009.... worst messes

When Mandy got into a tub of sticky, greasy, Bag Balm, it was the most difficult mess I've ever had to clean.


Well meaning people suggested cures such as soaking her head in kerosene or gasoline. I tried adult shampoo and bar soap and it didn't touch the goop in her hair. I was ready to try the fuel idea. But then I discovered that dishwashing soap worked pretty well when well rinsed from her hair. I probably washed her hair 30-40 times in the 3 days before Easter.


While the Bag Balm was the hardest mess to clean, it wasn't the grossest of 2009. That honor belongs to one morning of exploding vomit and diarrhea by both of my girls in the car and the tub. I'm still not ready to laugh about it. Just be glad I don't have pictures.



Lesley said...

The original post about Mandy's hair was, hands down, my favorite blog post OF THE YEAR by anyone. It had me laughing to myself all day.

You win mama of the year!

Sherri said...

I agree with Leslie- and the timing- most any other week it could stay greasy for awhile. This picture will have to go into her wedding video some day:)

Kellie said...

The exploding vomit and diarrhea post was probably my avorite post for 2009. It was hilarious! I even forwarded it to my Mom and I never do that. It's a post that any Mom who's ever dealt with vomit or diarrhea (and that's pretty much all of us!) can totally appreciate.

MelinaLawson said...

After reading this one I had to follow your link to the vomit/diarrhea post - I laughed SO hard! Later I read it to my mom and sister and the three of us were laughing so hard we were crying. My dad got in on the tale end of the narrative and declared, "she needs to write a book."

Cathy said...

I've always said you need to write a book!

joyq said...

No post. Ever. Has made. Me laugh. Like that one. Did.

I might not recover.