Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last minute crafts:

I've been working like an elf lately. I dreamed up some crafts for gifts and now am scurrying to get them all done. I've saved some money (made some too) and stayed warm and cozy while I worked instead of joining the hustle and bustle of Christmas shoppers.

Photo Album Card:

This photo album project is for a photography customer. I actually get paid for doing these. They are super easy. All it takes is a 5x7 card and matching envelope, the photo holder pages from a cheap album ($ Store), some ribbon and embellishments.

Pull-Over Towel Bibs:

I had to dust off my sewing machine for these bibs. Pull-over towel bibs are the best for little eaters and crafters. The t-shirt like neck stretches and one size really does fit all. If you are interested in making them, I can get you the directions.

Matching Game:

I got this idea from a teacher friend. Use juice concentrate lids/bottoms, cut out pictures (2 of each) for a versatile matching game. The game pictures has pictures of our family and Mandy loves playing it. For older children, matching upper and lower case letters. The pictures can easily be cut out and it is a fun craft project for kids.

Shabby Chic Headband:

I used scraps of flannel and sewed a simple headband with elastic on the bottom. The flower on top uses the rag technique. I sewed a rough shape of a flower and then clipped to the seam. Washing and drying produces the rough edge. I sewed the flower on with buttons.

Now, let the wrapping begin. I love doing stuff like this. As do my little helpers. It's fun times around here. :) What gifts have you made this year?


Kersh said...

what fun! I may have to try the head bands for Heidi's new short hair, as that is really the only things she can wear.

My new home made gift for the year was pottery pieces. I went to a friends house and learned to "throw", so it was a really cool gift for me to. I am totally hooked now!

Linds and Manda said...

Wow...good ideas. I really like the idea for the matching game. The rest kind of scare me because there is sewing involved and you know me and that lovely past time. I really like the look of the headband though. The model is very cute too. :)

joyq said...

Love this post. Love. It. Love it. (Can you tell I like this one?)

I am always trying to come up with new preschool ideas so the matching game is my favorite.

Followed close by the towel bib. I need those directions. We have sloppy joes on the menu for next week so I hope they are easy!

Shawna said...

I love the matching game as well. I guess I better start drinking some serious juice!

I did make something, although it wasn't a gift. I really wanted to go to the 'paint your own pottery' place with Madison and make a nice Santa Cookie plate. I never made it to the place. I still wanted to have a cool plate though.

I bought a glass plate and some pretty fabric with Santa. I used Mod Podge and stuck the fabric on the back of the plate. I then trimmed the edge with a gold leaf pen. It turned out pretty and Madison was happy with it too.

You are inspiring!

Andee said...

Just give you a little hot glue, and you are unstoppable! I do love that matching game idea. I too will have to start drinking a lot of juice!

Peggy said...

You so are creative! It is wonderful that you have such lovely models too!

Sarah D. said...

My Grandma made those towel bibs for us kids nearly 25 years ago. Now her great-grandkids are using them. They really are very easy. and you can reuse worn out undershirt collars.

James & Joelle said...

I would love the directions for the towel bib! My mom has a couple left over from my days but I think I need some at my house too.

Anonymous said...

I would have liked to see a photo of your adult model for the one size fits all bibs - smiles. Jenni B

Marci said...

Hey! Remember the juice can lids we poked holes in with a nail and trimmed with ribbons and lace for Christmas ornaments? It was in one of our Homeschool craft sessions way back at the other house. Those are still some of my favorite Christmas ornaments! I love the memories they bring and the tree lights shining through the designs! Aunt Marci