Monday, February 01, 2010

Tooth Check

I took the girls to the dentist, both for the first time. My best childhood friend's father is our dentist and going to his office has always been fun for me. It also helps that I've never had a cavity or needed any dental work like braces or retainers. I get excited about the free tooth brushes and the cool chair that moves up and down and all around.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends taking your child to the dentist as soon as his/her first tooth appear, before 1 year of age. My dentist suggests bringing in a child when all his/her teeth are in at about 2 years old. So, I was a little behind with Emma. She already lost one tooth! Mandy's teeth are really crooked and it looks like her jaw is askew on top. I was eager to see how both girls' teeth were doing.


Mandy was diagnosed with a "crossbite." It means that the top part of her mouth is smaller on one side. Our dentist thinks it should resolve itself as her mouth continues to grow and she grows permanent teeth. If it doesn't, she'll need a retainer. 


Of course I asked about the thumb sucking issues. Emma still sucks her thumb at night and Mandy favors her thumb and pointer finger. At the same time. It's strange.

Neither of the girls are doing any damage to their teeth because of the thumb or thumb/finger combo. Whew. That was good news.

Plus, the dr. said he knows of no effective way to get a child to stop thumb sucking. That made me feel better. He said that a child will eventually grow out of it and decide to stop. You can try to motivate the change, but that's about it.


See, isn't the dentist fun? I built up this appointment for quite awhile. How fun it would be. The chair. The free tooth brush. The girls were in awe of the fun and performed perfectly.


Emma and Mandy got to take home the little mirrors to look at their teeth. Emma chose a princess toothbrush (shocker!) and Mandy chose a dolphin one. Little flossing gismos and toothpaste completed the party favors. It was a successful trip! It was good to see my friend's dad again and his wife (the receptionist). A little crazy too since they've known me since I was a baby. We'll be back in a year or two. ;)


MelinaLawson said...

I always loved going to see Dr. D too and could never understand my friends who hated going to the dentist. You get super clean teeth, a free toothbrush, and interesting conversation. What's so bad about that? Now my trips to the orthodontist were a different story... Glad your girls had fun.

joyq said...

I LOVED THIS POST!!! I have yet to take my two little punks to the dentist. Emerson is terrified due to some offhand comments from some kid (my husband.) I can't wait to show her this post! She will love it and it just might convince her that other little girls like the dentist:)

Anonymous said...

I love it! Looks like they had a great time. I love it when we have kids into the office for the first time. They always seem to have so much fun. Totally different than some of their parents childhood experiences. My boss juggles for the kids too. They think he's so cool. Glad the girls had a good check up!

Kari said...

we have great times at the dentist as well. free toothbrushes and goodies. (although hubby says they aren't really free, when we think about the bill!) Little ady has a crossbite as well, she is quite annoyed by it, and so we are hoping that the tooth losing commences soon!

Stacy said...

I HATE the dentist, so it will be hard for me to convince Iona that it is a fun adventure. & on the thumb sucking front, I was not a thumb sucker & had 10 years of orthodontia, while my husband sucked his thumb well into Jr. High & has great teeth. So unfair!

Marcee said...

We have dentist appts. this week and next too! The boys love going! Ya know, Alysun,I never knew anyone else (besides myself) that have never had a cavity or dental work. We must have very good genes!

Sara said...

I've never had a cavity or dental work either - it does make going to the dentist more fun, I think. I always loved going as a kid (getting out of school was a pretty great part too! =), but I don't like it so much anymore because of the $$ and because my teeth have become more sensitive over the years and it hurts when the hygienist scrapes all the plaque off! Glad your girls had fun!

Sadie said...

Glad your kids had fun at the dentist. He is one terrific guy. I need to make an appointment to see him soon myself. :) The pictures were great. Did he tell any lame dad jokes? I groan every time my dad has a new kid in the chair- the jokes start to role, I think more the parent than the child. :)