Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Learning to fence

I loved reading all the suggestions for our fence. We'll be going with a straight picket fence. Although I love the scalloped look, I think it is a bit fancy for our neck of the woods. The rest of our yard is fenced with electric fence and woven wire. Not the classiest, but it works. I meant no disrespect to chain link or the people who love them. No disrespect to those who have tire fences either -- you have your reasons. Looks like we have a lot of work ahead of us. Thanks for chiming in!

We are talking about fencing around these parts. Amazing what appears when you Google "fencing." All these sites about strange white clad athlete with pointy swords. No, no, I meant the type of fencing that keeps children in yards. Fencing that enhances the landscape. Fencing that keeps cows out of my flower beds. That kind of fencing.

We have a big yard here in paradise. Cows live on two sides of the yard, our neighbors on another side, and a busy road on the front. We have fence on 3 sides and that just leaves the busy road.  Cars fly on our rural road at ridiculously fast speeds. I've considered a "Slow Children Playing" sign, but that just sounds like we are advertising a handicap no matter how you word it. 

Emma and I witnessed the demise of our cat when he got run over in the road last year. I could have lived without seeing that (believe me, the cat wishes he could have lived without it too). Ever since, Emma has been extremely cautious of the road. I was watching from the window one day and Mandy was making a beeline for the road. Before I could move to the door to hastily call her back, Emma came from the 5 yard line and tackled Mandy to the ground like an overzealous linebacker. Although effective, I think a fence would be a better option.

We live in a farm house. It's white. It's a farmhouse. Now, what kind of fence would look good across the front yard?

Chelsea  4' High x 8' Wide

There is the classic picket.

Ellington  5' High x 8' Wide by The USA Vinyl Fence Company
A fancier picket fence with a  scallop.

4' X 8' Sanibel™
And this nice one with a reversed scallop.

The trouble is, I can't decide which fence I like best. (The prices are comparable to each other). The finished project will change the whole look of the property. What fence do you think would look best? Of course there is also chainlink or a row of stacked tires. I'd like the to see the young'uns try to get through those.



Andee said...

Tires with some barbed wire on the top would be nice. I like the scallop, though, if I have to choose a "classy" option.

Anonymous said...

I think the classic white picket fence would be perfect. I love picket fences.

Great Aunt Marlene

Anonymous said...

Jenni and I did the classic picket in Ohio.

We had an experience one day that compelled us to immediate action. Our elderly neighbor lady came out to talk with Jenni for a few minutes then went to her garage to get in the car and run some errands. She began backing up her Lincoln but stopped when she heard Kate screaming. The neighbor got out and found 14 month old Jeremiah knocked down and partially under her car. He had evidently followed her into her garage without knowledge.

That was an emotional day. The fence went up the next day.

simplykersh said...

I would have to sat the classic picket - I think it totally has the classy farm look. And I would love to have one someday - until then good ol' chain link will keep my kiddos in.

Coleson's Blog said...

I think you cant go wrong with the classic or scalloped. I am thinking the reversed is a bit 'busy' looking. What a cute house!

joyq said...

I say classic picket, as long as you sharpen the points so no cows dare jump the fence. Thats my two cents.

Shawna said...

I think the classic picket would look great with the sharp lines of your classic farmhouse. Sorry about the demise of the cat but sometimes there is no better teacher than "seeing is believing". Way to tackle!

Anonymous said...

I am voting for the classic picket as well ... just like something out of a book or old movie. I think it suits the style of your house.

Kari said...

The current popular fence in this farming area is rod iron. quite often it is accompanied by hog wire on the "unseen" sides then nice sturdy rod iron on the front. My neighbor who has 4 boys was craving a fence after number 2...hubby kept poo pooing the idea until he had parent duty for a day...the fence was up the next week...hysterical! I never could talk mine into it...just tumbleweed catchers in our parts!

Anonymous said...

I had to clean the vinyl fencing every spring with bleach water and then paint thinner for the black places. Get some epoxy for when someone knocks off one of the pickets. Enjoy - it really makes the place look pretty. Jenni B

Sherri said...

Okay I'll be different, I love the reverse scallop, but maybe your friends are right and classic picket suits your farmhouse better. After watching Mandy and how fast she moves not even in the Gator I'd settle for eletric barbed wire! Good for Emma being the guardian angel that day, but this grandma is happy to hear its hi on the priority list.

Angela T said...

I think the classic would look really nice

jayne said...

I like them all too. My immediate reaction was that the scallop looked inviting, vs. the reversed scallop looked like a castle, keeping intruders out. :)

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen the fences made out of old stacked bowling balls? If you run out of tractor tires, you could alternate bowling balls. :) How about a 'homemade' fence with rustic limbs and such? My fav. was the scallop, but I don't think you could go wrong with any choice! Kelsey