Thursday, February 25, 2010


Vacation \Va*ca"tion\, n. [F., fr. Latin, from vacatio, a being free from a duty, service. 1. leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure.

We went to Eagle Crest in central Oregon for a few days this week. My family (parents and sister's family) like to get away for a trip together every year. Cancun didn't count because we were missing the lively little ones. The ones who need constant entertainment, don't sleep in, and need to go swimming 3 times per day even though they don't know how to swim.


Jeff and I and our children went ahead a day and stayed in a 2 bedroom condo on Sunday night. We played games, watched the cartoon network, went on walks, played on the play structures, and of course went swimming.


The constant sunshine in central Oregon is divine. Even when the temps are cold, the sun feels great. Remington enjoyed taking a back seat and my back enjoyed this position wearing the Beco. This carrier is far more comfortable than any I've used in the past, i.e. Bjorne or sling. It takes a bit of practice to put it on quickly, but I love the versatility of wearing the baby on the front or back. The baby is also very snug, so I can go about my life easily, almost like I don't have a 15 pound baby on my back.


These two watched something fascinating on the history chanel. I love these guys!

I've heard tales of husbands who aren't very helpful and leave the wife with all the work. For those women, I don't know how you survive. I am woman enough to admit I can't do it alone. I married a great man. I didn't know how great until we started having children. Jeff is in the trenches with me, playing, care taking, and occasionally shoveling out the crap.

He makes vacationing very enjoyable. "I've got this covered. Go enjoy the jacuzzi." Well, he had me at "jacuzzi." My heart is forever devoted to him.


I'm in love with this little dude too. He doesn't make my life easier. Actually, on the contrary, he makes it harder (especially on vacation). He started getting "snuffily" on Saturday and he turned into a snotty, congested, coughing, icky, mess by Sunday. He didn't sleep well, wanting to eat and snuggle all the live long day(s) and night(s). Even in my frustration, I found myself kissing his feverish head, saying "I love you," and "Oh, my poor baby, let me get up 14 times a night to nurse you." It's a strange thing about motherhood.


On Monday, we moved to a 3 bedroom, cute, little log cabin. Emma started to feel feverish and took a 2 hour nap -- first sign things were not right in the world. Mandy started sneezing and coughing and also had a fever later in the day. Mid afternoon we were joined by my parents who came from Washington (5 hour drive) and my sister's family from Salem (2.5 hour drive). The cousins always have so much fun playing together. It was instant fun when they arrived, but both girls lagged behind as their bodies battled whatever germ was attacking.

The nights were the hardest. Remington refused to be put down and wanted to be walked around. Forget sitting, or lounging and letting me get some sleep. He knew in all his 4 month old intelligence that I wouldn't make him cry because 1) he was sick and I felt sorry for him, and 2) the others in the house didn't want to hear him. He's a brainiac already. Mandy cried a lot too, so she was moved into our bed. Those were some miserable night time hours. It is beyond me how some find a "family bed" appealing. Angelina? Brad? Are you reading this? I would really like to know why you do it.


Amazing how perspective arrives with the sun. Good food, good laughs, more good food, a relaxing cabin with 195 cable channels, those are the times I choose to remember.


We usually get a family picture, but not this year. My sister was not feeling well either and gave me a bit of a death stare when I mentioned it. We decided to get one at Phil and Melanie's wedding in a month. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of my parents! They were behind the scenes working hard, waking up at 5:30am with one child or another, telling entertaining stories, making good food, cleaning the kitchen, watching the children, and changing diapers. I love my family. Lots and lots.

I hope they remember that after they catch the nasty sickness we gave them.


Anonymous said...

I hope everyone is feeling well soon. Looks like you still managed to have a good time. I like Remi's Canadian hat. Very appropriate this week. :)

Sherri said...

we are all still well here. Hope every one there is recovering quickly- wish the vacation had lasted longer.

Linds and Manda said...

Is that a ripped t-shirt I see around your neck in the first picture? :) I am so sorry if what your kids had was from Libby and I. We never did have a fever but maybe it morphed into something else. I'm glad you were able to have some fun mixed with the craziness. We've both been blessed with great guys who are willing to work in the trenches and great families...especially hard working grandparents that enjoy their grandchildren whether it's the middle of the afternoon or early in the morning.