Monday, May 24, 2010

Must haves...

 A catalogue came to our house that got me all excited about the things I don't have that I never knew I needed to have.

I think these are the must haves in the farming world:

Did you know you needed a sheep chair? It looks comfy and it is only $100. It is ideal for hoof trimming.

If I had a sheep, I would really be needing a pair of lambajams, a glove-like body cover. The flame print is stunning.

Transport calves with ease with a hitch mounted calf carrier.

I wonder if this works for children.  Hmmmm.

For $159 dollars I suppose the car seats I already have work fine.

Swine Oral Medications.

You never know.

Jeff found something he couldn't live without: a long range tranquilizer rifle. Think of the possibilities...

Now this is ingenius! A drive-thru electric gate.

I need that. I really, really do.

In case you really, really need something I've mentioned above, you can find it here.

Now, what was I supposed to be doing? Oh ya, cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry.

Until I get distracted again,



Lesley Miller said...

You are too funny! When can I meet you? :)

I like the new blog look, too. Have a good week.

Andee said...

Oh, that's funny. I'm just glad you found a place to get all those prolapse accessories.

joyq said...

holy swine meds! Love it!

Dan & Hillary said...

You could set up a home-birthing service if you purchased the "sheep/kid birthing kit."

(PS- sorry my blog feed wasn't picking up your new posts:-(