Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nursery Update [the great bumper debacle]

I'm sure everyone knows by now that bumpers in cribs are terrible. Terrible things. A baby can get caught up in the bumper and the experts say to not put them on a crib at all. Yet, all the crib bedding sets are still sold with quilt (which you aren't supposed to use with a baby), a bumper (not supposed to use that either), and a bed skirt. And these crib sets are super expensive.

Product Image
($190 from Target)

You can see from the picture above that I listened to recommendations and did not use a crib bumper, or a crib quilt. And I used a curtain draped over the bottom of the crib as a "skirt."

The generic jungle-esque sheet is from Target for $12. Everything was working great until my not-so-little baby with his chubby thighs became mobile and started inserting his legs between the crib rails.

It doesn't take too many naps interrupted by crib-rail-tourniquet syndrome before I was on the lookout for a crib bumper. The thing is, cute jungle-y crib bumpers are not sold outside of the illusive "sets." You can find breathable mesh "rail protectors", but the reviews are not great for those. You can also find solid color bumpers for about $30-$40 sold separately.

When I came across a free bumper at our MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) swap, I quickly snatched it up.

And then shuddered after putting it on the crib. I have nothing against sports themed baby boy rooms, but the combination of sports and safari was more than my Martha-wanna-be mind could handle.

I had some extra jungle-giraffe fabric and a curtain panel (the other one is being used as the crib skirt).

I took measurements and sewed one really, really long sleeve for the bumper, giraffe on one side, plain taupe on the other and I used the curtain's tab tops for the ties.

I left both ends open so I could slide the bumper into the sleeve.

Then, I sewed straight seams down from the ties to keep the original bumper in place and I also finished off the ends.

The bumper now coordinates with the room (both Rem and I can sleep easier now). And no more legs through the rails. The bumper solved the problem completely.

Another change to the room since Rem's arrival is the woven grass rug we got in Africa in '06. I originally had it on the floor and it looked great, but was a major hassle because it was alway sliding around and puckering under the furniture.

I hung it on the wall under a cool elephant picture made out of bamboo -- a gift from a friend (from Kenya I think). The whole rug on the wall thing will work okay until Rem is pulling himself up. For now, it adds something to the wall and I still get to enjoy it.

Jeff said, "Wow, you put a rug on the wall."

I always enjoy his reactions to my decorating madness.



Kellie said...

Looks great! I had two bumpers that we never really used. One was a gift and the other I bought for $2.50 at Goodwill that fit our Beatrix Potter theme. I think your solution works perfectly. My Mom and I made a crib skirt for Grace out of a twin sheet and some ribbon. The one I'm using for Ethan was on the crib at my parent's house. We switched so now we have much manlier blue checkered crib skirt.

joyq said...



Our Family Blog said...

Look at your Miss Martha!! (so NOT a wanna be!) So cute. I use a bumper.. too many horror stories like yours with legs or arms getting caught! I use a sleep positioner with my kiddos the first months to keep them more on their sides than back and this keeps them from getting into the bumper. Then once they are moving on thier own they are far less likely to be in real danger... anyhow. glad you found a soltion. Sometimes I think the self made "sets' are far, far cuter than the store bought ones. (so glad you ditched that sports one!) :)

Melanie said...

Don't know a thing about bumpers, but I Love Remington's safari room - even more than Target's version. Much more creatively authentic. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love it love it! Carson had his bumper taken off when he started to climb it in order to launch himself over the railing. ~ Kelsey

Cathy said...

Way to make it work!

Season said...

I had the same problem. Also found a bumper at Mopswap last year. Put it on and not only were his fat little legs still getting stuck by slipping under the bumper but then he would yank on them and ripped the strings that attached it in the process and it went in the garbage. I'm so glad it worked for you! My little guy did eventually learn how to unstick his own leg and climb out of the crib soon after so...And you did a great job. I love the look of the whole room and the idea of using things that mean something to you. You are a true inspiration to decorating on a budget.

Dan & Hillary said...

I love the room! Rem must be so proud:-)