Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Painted House

It started with the fence.  The beautiful fence. So crisp and white. It showed off how really not-crisp and not-white the house was.

Jeff and I have been married over 8 years now, I consider us experts on communication. We had the following conversation:

Wife: Wow, we should really paint the house.

Husband: Yep. I guess we should.

Wife: When are you thinking would be a good time?

Husband: Definitely when the weather is still nice.

Because our communication skills are so brilliant, I heard, "definitely painting the house this spring." Spring being defined logically from March to May. In my mind.

What my husband meant was, "Hopefully after I get the farming done in the Fall and the weather is still nice."

Nagging a man to do projects is never the way to go. It annoys him. And I've found other ways of being persuasive: be his sexy girlfriend and he'll leap tall buildings for me.... or at least paint my house. I was being his girlfriend, all sweet and nice and smelling good, and the house still wasn't even sort of starting to get painted. So, about May I was jittery with the need to break my non-nagging rule. About the house. It needs painted. What do you think? Could you do it please?

We finally had another conversation about painting and realized we were on completely different pages of the home improvement book. Thankfully I had the colors decided on by my lovely blog audience and I was able to get the paint at Home Desperoto easily. We came up with a rough timeline for finishing the house: June-ish, weather permitting.

This is the photoshop version and the favorite in my blog poll. 

On a side note, the fence/house color post received the most comments of any post I've ever written... by far. I guess I have a lot of house and fence lovers out there. I can't imagine what I'll blog about in the future to keep you interested, since my husband said absolutely no more fence/painting projects for the next 23 and a half years or so. But thanks for stopping by. 

Jeff started painting the house 3 weeks ago. We had a sunny Sunday coming up and it was "paint day." But then it was W-I-N-D-Y. Like really windy. And Jeff was planning on using a paint sprayer. I started painting with a roller and brush and Jeff worked on the back of the house where it was less windy. The house got some paint that day, the rest waited until the next week and the next week. I worked on the trim when I could.

Sigh. My super hero.

Jeff ended up finishing the spraying one evening after getting done with work earlier than normal for this time of year. Our neighbors may think he's crazy, but it's light until 10pm!

The trim color is actually cream and the front door is dark green. I really like it! And am SO thankful Jeff did all the hard work to get the house finished (in a timely manor too). Painting is his least, least favorite house project, so this was an act of love for him. Thanks, my man. I love you!

Because I never grow tired of asking my blog audience's advice, what color should the garage door and man-door be? Currently they are just white. I'm thinking they should also be cream like the trim. Also, about the shutters: Do we like the look without them? If we put them back up, what color should they be? Match the door, match the trim, bring in a different color all together? The possibilities are endless and I am out of ideas.

I'm really thrilled to be able to post this update!



Our Family Blog said...

Looks great! I am thinking trim/doors and shutters all cream to keep it from being too busy and more uniform. Yay for handy and loving hubbys! :)

Anonymous said...

Looking awesome!

I really like your house with shutters. I think it gives it extra character. As far as colors go, either green (your door looks great) or white would look nice and keep it natural.

You guys have a lovely house by the way!

Anonymous said...

We went to the farm for father's day and I told Eric you were painting. We thought your house looks good. And it did need a paint job, but it probably won't last for 23 years... sigh. I liked the green shutters in the photo shop version you did. Great Work Jeff!!! Jenni B

Carissa said...

I like the green shutters and the beige garage door. It looks so good! What a great team you two make!


Janelle said...

Wow, the house looks great! Maybe it's too late to put in my two bits, but I like it without the shutters. And I would paint the garage door the same color as your house and the man door cream (or both cream). I'm off to Miller down the street to get a couple more gallons for my walls. Picture coming soon on FB.

Linds and Manda said...

It looks wonderful! I'm glad that that last picture is not just another photoshop creation because that means it's done! I love the colors and the door is great!