Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Losing it.

It sure would be awesome to do a post titled, "Missions Accomplished!"

But this isn't it. Think of it more as a pit-stop on the road to success.

Losing 50 pounds is really, really hard work. I don't enjoy it one bit. I much prefer to gain weight. If only all the mirrors in all the land were smashed, my conscience about living a healthy life didn't exist, and I didn't have a closet full of nice clothes that were 4 sizes smaller. Then I would sit around and eat brownies, Mac n' Cheese, lasagna, tacos without the salad, mashed potatoes and gravy... and that's just for lunch.

(August 2009)

I don't mind diet and exercise actually. It's the diet and exercise with little result or progress that I don't enjoy. Makes me want to lay around feel sorry for myself. And eat brownies.

Since Rem's birth, my body naturally shed about 25 pounds with mild exercise and no diet. That was before Christmas. Losing weight without really trying, that is fun stuff. Then reality set in. With an additional 25 pounds that was sticking like super glue, I realized I was going to have to start working hard.

(end of November 2009)

Here's what I've been doing since January 1st (6 months ago):

  • exercise. I've done a few different things, either the 15 minute T-tapp Basic Workout, walking (2 miles), The Shred, or Windsor Pilates. Some with gusto, others without.

  • Counting calories. SparkPeople.com is a free online service; I enter in what I ate during the day and their calculator tells me how many calories, carbs, protein, fiber it had. It's an easy way to keep track. Ever consume an entire bag of potato chips? The stomach ache is nothing compared to seeing on the computer screen that I just ate 2,976 calories.

I lost 6 pounds in 6 months. I think the experts say that is healthy, but I would really like to be done with this journey and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I achieved it twice. Seems like I should be able to again.

I thought about what worked before and realized I would have to bump it up a notch. If T-tapp Total Workout (55 minutes) worked before, then I would do it again, plus the 7 Minute Miracle, plus walking. And add a couple more painful restrictions:

  • Avoiding Dairy. Sniff. Sniff. Love the stuff. It doesn't love me.

  • Avoiding sugar. Sniff. Sniff. Sniff. Tears coursing down my face. Love the stuff. It makes me chubby.

My T-Tapp Total Workout was scratched and non-workable since the last time I used it with Mandy's baby-weight attempt. I kept thinking about doing the long workout again, but the T-Tapp DVDs are pretty expensive. I finally ordered a new DVD and started getting up an hour earlier. On alternate days, I'm following a Half-Marathon 14 week walking training schedule and walking, using T-Tapp technique. It looks a lot like race-walking. Do not mock. It's an Olympic Sport.

I look just like this during my morning race-walk. But I wear pants.

I walk between 2-4 miles, 4 days a week rain or shine. I'm loving it. I love being outside in the quiet. I walk a fast 15 minute mile, yet have the stillness to myself and God. He's rocking my world People! I sing. I pray. I pump my arms and use "linier allignment." And I walk back into the house a completely different woman than when I left. I'm ready to jump piles of laundry in a single bound. 

And I'm seeing significant changes in my body.

I started 3 weeks ago on this turbo charged workout schedule and have lost 6 more pounds. 

And I feel like this....

I still have a ways to go, yet actually feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time in a year and a half.

I know I sound like an info-mercial for T-Tapp, I only mention it every other post or so. Wish I hadn't spent my energy on the Shred and $8.99, and some major joint pain. But T-Tapp DVDs aren't cheap... and I am. Yet, I believe Teresa Tapp is on to something with her lymph-node talk, lactic acid purging, linear alignment, and pelvis tilting. And I can't argue with the results. Not only do I feel strong and feel good (no back pain with no chiropractor visits), I've also lost inches. Lots of them. Like 35.75 inches from my upper body, hips, thighs, calves, and arms.

The key with any plan like this isn't just diet and exercise, its consistency and making wise choices. Seeing positive changes makes the motivation much easier to come by. Skinny jeans, are you reading this? I'm coming for you.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your hard work is paying off!!

P.S. I thought you looked great at the graduation party. :)

Season said...

I am all for being healthy but I think you look great and are being too hard on yourself.

Sara said...

I have to agree with Season. The last time I saw you was just before you started this extra-effort working out and I thought you looked terrific! I never would have guessed you were trying to lose more weight and it looked to me that you had lost all the baby weight. I do think it's awesome that you've found the energy and will power to work at it even more, but don't get down on yourself if the results aren't exactly what you want. Being a healthy weight is the most important thing (of which I think you have achieved already), not having the "perfect" body that society tells you you should have.

...now me on the other hand, I was doing okay following Ben's birth but then started to gain some weight back because I stopped walking and starting eating less healthy again. Not good. Thank you for the inspiration to get back at it again!

PS) I'd love for you to teach me your walking techniques! Although, I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try it in the city! ;o)

Dan & Hillary said...

I have my goal-pair of jeans, too. I am so encouraged that the early-hour morning exercise is energizing you mentally more than physically:-)

PS- no wonder you're scaring the poor farmers on your early morning walks!! Glad for the pants, though!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget you will lose at least 5 lbs. when you stop nursing Rem and that you need some fat too make good milk for him.

I always lost the last few lbs after I stopped nursing because my body stopped wanting the carbs for milk production.

It's good to hear you are loving your time with your Savior and the beautiful place you live.

I heard lots of folks take a Sabbath from their dieting and exercise on Sunday and have a treat and rest. Jeff might like an apple crisp or one of your other delectables.

Keep up the good work Alysun!
Jenni B