Saturday, July 24, 2010

Because you love the out-takes

In between summer clients, I had some time to take pictures of my own children looking all spiffy. 

They clean up so nice. This one is going on the Christmas card.

I've also been working on my logo/web design.

Since I give a copy of all the images to each client on a CD, I wanted to have a card/mailer to present it a bit more professionally. Currently, I print a CD label and put it in a windowed sleeve and then send it in a regular white envelope. The above image will be the outside design of the square card and the inside and back are the blue parchment looking paper. I'm excited to see how they turn out. 

I wish I had hours and hours to spend on this stuff. I enjoy it a lot. Instead I spent an hour here and there and prayed I spelled everything right.

You can see the pictures that turned out from my kids' session on my photography site:

I post previews after each session, so all my recent client photos are up too, in blog format at I am having so much fun with my clients and I still feel completely blessed to continue in this business.


PS I don't have a place to comment on my photography blog, but you can click "like" at the bottom of each post to let me know you stopped by.


Anonymous said...

Just checked out the photos of your kiddos and they are absolutely precious! Emma and Mandy are glowing and Rem is just too cute.

You are so talented, Alysun.

Take care - sending our love.

Shawna said...

Just ONE out-take? Oh you are teasing with us. This reminds me so much of See/Hear/Speak no evil. LOVE IT.

Sara said...

Love it! This out-take is just classic! It will bring laughs for years to come for sure!

Yes, I changed my blog template again already. :) It's so easy with the new designer. I love your new design - is it also through blogger? I didn't see it...not that I'm going to steal it again....well, not right away at least. :)

Peggy said...

There isn't a place to check "Love it"!!!!!!! I checked "like it" anyway.