Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Introducing. Drops Of Living Water. And Giveaway!

I'm excited to share with you about Drops. A new daily devotional site for moms. The drops site posts Monday through Friday devotionals with a scripture passage. It is designed to inspire busy moms to open the Word and be inspired. It is a collaboration of writers (I am one of them), all mothers with young children, and some posts will even be excerpts from books that are applicable to this stage in life. 

The idea for Drops came from my sister, Andrea. She told me about her idea for Drops a few years ago and it went in one ear and out the other. She has always had the dream of writing a book. Not me. I hoped it would be something that worked out for her. All the while, God was working on my heart, showing me that I had a story that needed to be shared with other moms. I know my journey of working through anger and finding a closer relationship with God is identifiable to other moms. I felt encouraged to write and it was when both Andrea and I were ready to take on a project that everything started coming together.

This is the first day of Drops. Our site just opened and can be found at We'll be starting the daily devotionals on Tuesday (after the holiday). To start things off right, we are doing a giveaway! Head over to the site to see the beautiful necklace pendant that was designed specifically for us. It is called the Living Drop Pendant from Happley Made. I hope you will leave a comment on Drops and enter to win and I also hope that you stop in on a daily basis to read the Word and be encouraged.


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