Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chair Color.... Help!


Between this post and my facebook question, here are the results:

6 vote for white or cream
(The trim in the room is crisp white and the background of the fabric is cream... a dilemma.)

7 vote to keep it "as is"

none for brown

2 for stripping the original stain and staining darker
(I really like this idea the best and is one I hadn't considered.)

Sounds like A LOT of work. I will make the covers first and probably get inspired for a change on the wood on a rainy winter day. Thanks for voting!

I'm in the process of recovering the cushions for the chair and the ottoman.

By "in the process" I mean that I bought the fabric and artfully draped it over the chair. It may stay this way for awhile.

I love the look of painted wood, but now I'm not sure whether I should paint the frame of the chair.

What do you think?

I'm inspired by wood frame chairs, upholstered in vivid prints.

Also, loving that my version will come in under $50 for fabric thanks to my grandparent's hand-me down chair. It was new in 1968. 

My Grammy special ordered it for her red and gold living room (the cushions used to be vibrant red). I've reupholstered the whole set twice and my mom once; blue, green, and taupe. In that order. The couch, chairs, and ottoman have been around.

So comes my question: should I paint the chair frame?

The finish is definitely worn.

But it would be a PAIN in the rear to paint. 

I could paint it a nice matching brown.

(Rem kindly asks if he can move before I do any actual painting.)

Or white. 

Maybe with darker stain over the top to make it look antiqued.

Things to keep in mind: My new blessed and beautiful new couch is brown (the same tone as the background of the chair fabric) and all the other accessories in the room are either taupe or white.

So, what do you think?



joyq said...

I think that cream would be really great- like Pottery Barn great.

Andee said...

Normally I vote for painting. This time, I vote for the wood.

simplykersh said...

I would have to say paint cream or possible strip and stain a really dark coffee stain then matte lacquer - but that would take a lot of time. A new couch??? Pictures please!!!

Carissa said...

Paint it cream! It would look amazing!

Sherri said...

Just remember if you paint it what it will look like when dirty hands touch it, and toys and what-not scratch it. In a perfect world paint would be beautiful, in the real world think twice, and maybe three times(a lover of painted wood- reformed by life :)

Anonymous said...

I'm digging the white/cream...with a distressed finish - it's gonna get there eventually, so you might as well start out authentic! Spray primer and paint will be your friend and make the job so much faster!! Good luck :)


Sherri said...

and I love the print!

Janice said...

It looks like I am out voted, I love wood and wouldn't paint the chair. But that is an African talking.

Linds and Manda said...

Yes, it's me...your long lost blogging friend from Canada. I vote for wood. I love the covering.

Anonymous said...

Sweet fabric. Enjoying it with the wood. ;)

Take care.

Aunt N said...

Hi Alysun,

Here's an idea - instead of painting the wood, use a wonderful non-toxic stripper ("Safest Stripper" by 3M - no odor, works well, reasonably priced) and then use an ebony stain . . . the wood grain will still come through, but the wood will look dark. I did this on an antique table (using Minwax Ebony wood stain)and it looks good. I actually finished it off with tung oil - much easier than polyurethane - no drips, no mess.

Just a thought.


Shawna said...

I too vote for wood and loving Aunt N's idea. I think the white would be a great contrast, you just can't beat the natural warmth of wood. I LOVE the fabric you picked!

Sara said...

Well, I didn't get my vote in before your tally, but had several thoughts right away when I first saw your post several days ago: (1) Your mom is very wise - white or cream would probably not do well on a hands-on piece of furniture in a farmhouse with three kiddos! (2) If I had to be picky, I'd prefer the wood but in a darker stain (sounds like I"m not the only one that came up with that) (3) But otherwise, why go to all that trouble when it looks find as is? :) I love the fabric by the way!