Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just say "no" to Huggies

Cloth diapering. Yes, I've succumbed. 

Do you see that box of Huggies in the background? That's $42 dollars and it doesn't even last a month. Awhile ago I bought 7 Fuzzy Bunz (the off-brand version) and then was given 2 more of a similar style. I used them occasionally with both Mandy and Rem, but never exclusively. To be fair, I used cloth diapers in emergencies when I didn't want to make a trip to the Bi-Mart for disposables.

Now I've come to my senses I can think of 652 better ways to spend $42 a month/$500+ a year, so.....

We are going exclusive. I think we are at that stage in our relationship.

I need a few more cloth diapers to make this solution practical. Fuzzy Bunz or their equivalent cost $18 and up. Being the Frugal Fanny that I am, I decided to sew them myself. Here is my first attempt at making a cloth diaper:

I bought:

3/8 yard flannel (should have bought a whole yard)
3/8 yard white fleece (should have bought 1/2 yard)
3/8 yard PUL waterproof fabric
2" wide velcro
Total $11 (enough for 2 diapers... almost)

First let me say that I am not a "follow the rules" kind of sewer. I looked up a few patterns online and then I charged forth and did my own thing. I usually regret charging ahead and doing my own thing. This was no exception. Using one of the Fuzzy Bunz diapers I own, I made up a pattern.

My course of action:
  1. my supplies.
  2. make pattern and think perhaps investing in one isn't such a bad idea.
  3. cut out one of each flannel, PUL, and fleece.
  4. sew PUL and flannel together (the outside flannel layer is not necessary, but I thought it would look nicer). Add elastic to the back and legs.
  5. sew elastic at the end, then fold the fabric and elastic over and make a casing (careful not to see the sides of the elastic.
  6. add velcro, crispy side to the front of the diaper and soft side to white fleece.
  7. sew flannel/PUL layer right sides together with fleece. Make channel for leg elastic. Finish opening at back. I used an insert I had from my other diapers, other wise I would need to sew one of those too (the insert comes out for washing). 

Remington is thinking of becoming an underwear model.

On my next attempt, I will:

  • invest in a pattern

  • buy a bit more fabric so I don't have to make extra seams. 

  • make the elastic a bit tighter in the legs.

Currently, I have one baby in diapers full-time (about 6 clothe diapers a day) and one toddler in diapers at night. To make my life a bit more copacetic, and so I don't have to be religious about my morning, noon, and night diaper washing, I would like to have a total of 15 diapers. 

I have a bit more sewing to do.

This is my journey..... 


Just say "no" to Huggies.


Laura said...

Seeing as it took you three children to get to this point, and my adversion to all types of poop, I don't think I will ever be able to do the clothe diaper thing. Good for you though.

Season said...

I get this stuff super cheap. $5.50 a yard for regular PUL or same price for one diaper cut of that super fuzzy stuff! Let me know if you want some. Ordering very soon for the new baby.

Peters Family Farms said...

I love my fuzzy bumz. 15 keeps my 2 little's diapered all day (use paper at night when possible) It feels so good to be a good steward, and I was blessed to get a god deal on them, do you remember, I think they were $13 each. I love all the snaps on them so that at one point one could fit my tiny newborn and my chunky and skrony toddlers. We have sooooo gotten our $ worth!

Anonymous said...

Do you need to invest in different sizes as your child grows? Or are the cloth diapers 'one-size fits all'?

Kari said...

I totally wish that I would have done cloth diapers. I didn't have as good of internet at the time, so didn't see all the cool ones out there. I just pictured the droopy yucky ones from babysitting days...

Coleson & Tate said...

You're amazing. That's all. ;)

Anonymous said...

So I agree you are amazing! Cloth diapers have come so far. I folded diapers for about 5 kids and secretly swore I'd never do cloth when I had my own. Now I think I missed out. Cloth diapers are so cute. Jenni B

Melanie said...

I'm curious too - do you have to make different sizes for your kids, or does one size fit them as they grow?

Cute cloth diapers!!

Aly sun said...

To answer your questions about sizes: I use this one size from about 12 pounds and up. Mandy is 30 pounds and still fits them. For newborns, the snap adjusters work really well. There is so much out there on clothe diapering, it is mind boggling. The BEST tip I have though is to buy liners to catch the solids. The diaper liner is fleece and it's hard to get the poo off if you don't use a disposable (flushable) liner.

Sherri said...

I'm glad you found liners -after my one experience changing Mandy's without one- that fleece just holds on- in that regard the old diapers let it go a little easier:) So with the pretty materials you don't bleach- I always used too much and the diapers fell apart...those were the days...

Aly sun said...

You all are so nice, no one told me that I spelled "cloth" incorrectly throughout this whole post. No "e." I came to my senses... or is it scentes. :)

Andee said...

I love the froggy print. Irresistible.