Thursday, August 19, 2010

Knee deep

It's not only me. Seems like everyone else is living a full life and blogging less. It should be the opposite with lots to do = lots of blogging. Instead, the keyboard gets dusty and I'm thankful for quick looks at FB to hear what everyone is up to.

A few of you have asked how the pictures I entered at the fair faired. (That was fun to say). They faired fine. I still don't think the judges know what they are talking about, but I was happy to get a few ribbons.

This one of the girls got third place in Black and White photography, category "children."

And this one got first....

I entered it under "humor." Some of the categories get lots of entries like "landscape" or "portrait," but humor is one of the lessor entered categories.

The pictures that won the highest awards seemed to be still-life type pictures. It was fun to see familiar names and I was only happy to be beat out on some of my pictures by my friend Jill who did really well with her entries.

Emma was able to enter this year as a junior photographer. Her age group was 5 to 12 year old. I had no idea how she would do, but I was very proud of her entries and her seriousness in the competition. She got 2 blue ribbons (first place) and earned $3. She's nearly half-way to earning a Pillow Pet.

Emma's entry under "Domestic Animals" color. First place!

She also made a collage at Costco (the same price as an 8x10). It was a series of pictures she took around the yard. She took the pictures on auto with my Canon 40D with a 18-50 f/2.8 lens. The camera weighs about as much as she does, but she's a trooper and swings the camera up to her eye for each shot, takes a moment to frame the picture and then takes one. Just one. I tell her to take more, but it's like she's used to film or something.

When she is taking pictures, I give her basic advice:

"Get close to your subject."

"Take the picture at the same level as the kitten."

"Hold very still while you push the shutter."

"Give your subject clear instructions if you want them to pose." (The cat responded well to better direction).

"Take one shot and then try a different angle of the same shot."

I didn't edit her pictures. I let Emma sit at the computer and play around with the colors and sharpness. The photo above is tweaked a bit too sharp in my judgement. But what do I know? My 5 year old daughter got 2 blue ribbons out of 2 entries.

So, that was the fair. It was over 100 degrees on Sunday when we were there. Today it is 65 degrees. This weather is giving me whip-lash... and is assuring that I keep all 4 seasons of clothes on hand for all 5 members of the family.

Yesterday there was a danger of frostbite. Or so the girls told me.

(Emma was too cold to fold clothes).

You try folding clothes with mittens on. Very, very tricky.

And then there is this guy. Rain or shine, sweltering temperatures or misty cold mornings....

He's our sunshine.

I'm knee deep in a new project. I'm excited to be collaborating on a website specifically designed to inspire busy moms to daily devotion with Christ. It's called Drops... of Living Water.

Here's the intro:
As moms, we’re booked solid 24/7. The constant demands of motherhood tend to suck us dry and leave us feeling as prickly as cactus. Drops is designed to bring a little refreshment to your corner of the desert. We provide a daily Drop for you to use as you wish: first thing in the morning, last thing at night or anywhere in between. Each drop and the accompanying Bible passage can be read in about 10 minutes. The Drops are made up of original and borrowed writings directed specifically at helping busy moms discover abundant life through Jesus Christ.

(by Andrea Lunde)

"Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water,
welling into Eternal Life." John 4:14

Working on a project like this has been an inspiration of mine for most of the year. I'm growing in leaps and bounds in my faith as I seek God and his Word on a daily basis. It is hard to find the time for Bible study and I think there are many out there who have the desire to be in a deeper relationship with Christ, but don't know how. Drops will be a devotion to think about and a Bible passage to think about.

Drops will begin with an exciting giveaway on September 1st and then start with daily readings on the 7th. Stay tuned for more info and a link. :)



Sherri said...

Emma's following well in her momma's footsteps!love all the pics- yours and hers: the humor, the kitty, the flowers... blue ribbons for all. And your new project is my prayers too-it's a great idea.

Shawna said...

I can't believe the focus on Emma's photos! Good for her! I am so excited for Drops! I have a book coming from Amazon called 10 minute time outs for Moms. It was on a reading list in the She's Gonna Blow book you recommended. This sounds very similar. I am so excited about it! What a great blog entry today! I haven't blogged in so long, I am too busy reading all the great things others are writing!

Anonymous said...

Emma got money for her entries! I'd better not tell my girls :) I saw her kitty picture, but I missed the others! I am pretty impressed with her talent, but it's no wonder where she gets it from :) It was fun seeing so many familiar names and faces represented in the photos - congrats on your wins as well! I am really looking forward to Drops, it sounds refreshing already!


Sara said...

Emma is so good!! What great pictures! Tell her that Abby and I really liked the kitty picture. :)

PS) Blue ribbons at our county fair are only worth about 15-cents!! Not fair!

happley handcrafted said...

I enjoyed looking for your and Jill's photos at the fair. I didn't think to look for your daughters! Next year! Great idea for "Drops", I think God will bless your efforts!