Monday, August 16, 2010

Slam-bang golfing and more resort fun.

We just got back from half a week at the "resort." Otherwise known as Black Lake Bible Camp.

Swimming, sand-playing, nap-taking, eating, and mini-golfing were just part of the fun.

Turns out Emma is a slam-bang golfer. She putted under par throughout the course even getting a hole in one. Really putting me, our friend Jenni, and my dad (the course operator) to shame.

It's hard going trying to come down from the fun high of camp. No one is cooking my meals, or doing my laundry, or entertaining my children with awesome free events. Plus, I gained 2 and a half pounds on the delicious, but high fat camp food. I am now munching on carrots instead of iced mochas and chicken strips. Last time we were there I gained 3 pounds, so maybe in a few more visits I will learn how to say, "No thanks, I'll take the salad bar."

Back to real life....


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Sherri said...

yeah, back to real life here too. I started work today at 5:35 to avoid the heat- hope you are surviving the even hotter temps