Monday, October 04, 2010

1980 was a great year.

It was my birthday last week. Birthdays always cause me to reflect, but this one especially because I turned the big 3-0. This birthday finds me as a woman growing in my faith with an amazing God, married to a handsome, hardworking guy, mommy to 3 (an almost 6 year old, a 3 year old, and an almost 1 year old), blogger, canner, writer for Drops, MHO (manager of household operations), gardener, crafter, friend, neighbor, and singer in the band (worship band).

Life's full and life is good!

A decade ago, life was so different. I had just worked the summer in southern California as a lifeguard, quit college, broke up with my boyfriend of almost a year, took a solo road trip to the middle of Canada, was in a dear friend's wedding, came home to live with my parents, swore off dating for a whole year because I was tired of the drama, got a job at a tux shop and was planning a trip with my friend Janelle to Europe.

A decade before that I turned 10. (How do you like my math abilities? I don't think I've actually learned a lot more math concepts in the last 20 years). I don't remember a whole lot about my 10th year. I was in fourth grade, I was homeschooled, lived in a tiny house (740 sq. feet), shared a pink room with my sister who had decided Barbies weren't cool, wore a lot of scrunchies in my permed and still naturally blond hair, took piano lessons, liked to sew entire outfits for myself -- crafting was my life.

A decade before that I was a newborn (see, there are my math skills again). I was born on my own terms, 3 days before my mom's scheduled c-section. My mom always said it was the start of doing things my way! The year was 1980.

The president of the United States was Jimmy Carter.

The average income was $17,700.

A first class stamp was 17 cents.

A gallon of milk was $2.19.

A VCR machine was $700.

Mt. St. Helens erupted (pretty sure there was no correlation between my birth and the eruption).

Post-It Notes were invented.

Cabbage Patch Dolls were the poplular new toy.

Mini skirts, riped jeans and sweatshirts, bright colors, big hair, and leg warmers were fashion trends.

Mullets or mohawks were sported by everyone who was cool.

Naturally I wanted to celebrate this amazing year with a 1980's themed birthday party. I made some colorful invitations to set the theme and invited family and a few close friends who love me enough to wear costumes, side ponies, spiked mohawks, and blue eye liner.  Other prep involved making food to feed everyone, procuring a projector (from Jeff's mom's work) to show "Back to the Future," making a 12' x 12' big screen for the movie, and praying for some beautiful Fall weather (it was perfect!).

Please notice Jenni's scrunchy, crimped side pony, plastic-y jacket with shoulder pads, striped t-shirt dress with tule skirt, ruffle belt, purple leggings, teal socks, and white tennies. 



My parents picked up the cake and had "Sunny" printed on it since that was my childhood nickname. Ah, remember when rainbows were a good thing? Life was simple, sweet, and brightly colored. I miss those days.

I also miss leg warmers because there are so many times my ankles are chilled but not my feet or the rest of my legs.

I have totally rad friends to dress so fashionably for my party. 
 A cropped sweatshirt and short cut-off shorts... I have no words. 
Little Clara was even wearing a vintage 80's dress and beads.

I gave these two the award for "best dressed" because they found their outfits in their very own closets. That takes some skill. Kelly's purple sweatshirt had kitten on the front -- I would have been envious of that in the 80s.

Jayne went with the 1980's suburban mom look with an Oxford shirt and pearls and side braid. One universal trend in the 80's worn by all was the over-the-top make-up. Hot pink lipstick, too much blush, and blue eye make-up. 

My brother-in-law, Paul wore eye liner for the party. I was touched by his thoughfulness.

My sister's outfit was classic. Where do you even find stirrup pants these days? Goodwill in NE Salem apparently. The black wool coat with leather insets and should pads the size of Texas was a nice addition over her rayon-print blouse, tied at the waist. 

A blue mohawk to match dad's. 

The girls were happy to cooperate with the theme. Blue hair? Sure mom.

Nearly everyone dressed up, with the non-costume-wearers feeling like the weird ones.

I had so much fun and appreciate everyone's efforts.

At dark, everyone settled down to watch "Back To the Future" (way more swearing in it than I remembered. Eek). The night was perfect with the projector and sound system that Jeff moved outside. He also built the huge screen. Nothing says "love" like a guy setting up his sound system outdoors... and wearing a costume for his wife's 80's party.

And I certainly felt the love! 30 (and beyond) is going to be a great year.



Lesley Miller said...

This looks like an amazing party. I wish we could have joined in on all the 80s fun! Happy Birthday, Alysun!

Stacy said...

you should see the dress I just bought and white striped top with a black tule was painful to purchase!

Awesome looking party!

Kellie said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun! I have to say you have pretty great friends and family to be willing to dress up in awful 80's clothing. Shoulder pads give me hives!

Andee said...

Kellie--I'm still itching.

Snook-- Great party. I still can't figure how you got older than me, but I guess I'll let you. Paul was wondering if he should wear eyeliner to the next function as well?

Dan & Hillary said...

Ah, the $700 VCR. I don't think we could afford one until 1992;-) Our Blu-Ray player was only $140!

What a great party. Ironically, I feel like reliving the '80's when I see the weekly Target ads;-) Happy New Decade!!