Thursday, January 06, 2011

The office: reveal

The office has been done and functional for quite some time. But you know me, form is just as important. I put together some more of the details and finally want to show it off.

The curtains were a big purchase for me, but one I am so happy with. The walls and rug are taupe and the existing desk color is gray. I was concerned that the mix of cool and warm tones would give me hives. 

Then, I saw these curtains at Ikea. A prefect blend of cool and warm and a happy print.

The table was a garage sale find with "the" West Elm burlap panel used temporarily as a table cloth.

Curious about the roll-up shade? It is a rug I got in Africa for pennies and liked that the blue'-ish striped matched the curtains and that the yellow added an unexpected flare. The yellow also ties in a few other things in the room like my pictures on the next wall....

Picture frame: an old wood frame window I cleaned up and stuck some random prints in.

Shelf: Jeff made in shop class and was going to give it away when I realized it would work perfect in the office.

Blue ceramic pot: my Grammy painted it and I wanted to give it a place of honor. The branch thing is actually living.

Fan: found it in the basement when we moved in.

Jars: My sewing accessories are stored in these 1/2 gallon jars.

I asked for a label maker for my birthday. It has been so much fun! I think I'm a bit addicted.

I should have taken a "before" picture here. It was just SO awful. Every shelf was stuffed with random papers and junk. This was the project Season and I tackled when she came to help me organize. It was helpful when she asked questions like, "What do you need the purpose of this space to be?" "How often do you use this stuff?" I realized that much of my space was taken up with scrap-booking items and I haven't used it in 3 years. Those things went to a less convenient spot in the closet where I can still get to it, but isn't taking up valuable real-estate.

I now have my basic crafting supplies front and center and I find I'm using them all the time. Adhesive? I can find it. Cutting tools? They are all right there (including a pair of scissors that does not leave the box). Paper? It is all in an easy to carry tote that moves to the desk and back into the closet again when I am through. It is organized, but not micro-organized where it takes too much time to put it away right (i.e it doesn't get put away right and then is shoved back in the cupboard so we can organize it again in 2 months). The tote system, with NO LIDS, is a great idea. Thanks Season!

On top of the cupboard is my piano music. I found 2 large boxes of music in the back of the closet and I whittled my entire collection down to about 1/20th of where I started. I kept what I wanted to actually play again or could use to teach my own kids. There were a few sentimental pieces and I kept those too, but I put them on display in my living room (framed on top of a piece of burlap... am I obsessed with this cheap fabric, or what?). Nate Berkus says, "If it is important to you, put it out so you can be reminded and enjoy it. If it isn't important, get rid of it." 

The large glass jar is now holding my yarns. I got the jar at an auction for $6. Jeff was really confused that I wanted it, but I told him Pottery Barn sold them for $69 and he totally understood.

Addison Glass Party Bucket
Potty Barn's glass jar version and it doesn't even have a lid!

My original plan was to have this desk service crafting, schooling, sewing AND the computer. Several people told me that was a bit much for one desk (I think "ridiculous" was the word used). The computer is across the room. We are using this desk all the time now and loving it. It was a free find from many years ago and I painted it what I thought would be a steel gray, but turned out blue. 

Thank you IKEA curtains for pulling it all together.

The "art" on the window wall is brought to you by my children. I stretched twine between screws in the wall and clip their latest creations up with clothes pins.

On the left on the desk are current school books the girls are working in. Ikea's magazine boxes work perfectly for containing this kind of stuff. I have the boxes all around the office, $5 for 4.

And finally, the computer desk. If you remember, it was in the kitchen. The central location was great, but it was TOO present in my life. In an effort to use my time more wisely, I needed to have the computer in another room so that using it would be intentional. It is working! 

I can keep  the girls entertained in this room now and we also do school here. It functions beautifully and cleans up fast because we don't have too much of anything any more. And the best part is, if it doesn't get cleaned up right away, I can close the door.

Thanks for coming on a tour of my space with me. All 100 square feet of it. :)



KT Barnes said...

LOVE it Alysun. Fave parts?

1) IKEA curtains
2) The fan...I die for that little fan
3) Oddly enough, the computer chair made me do a double take (the good kind)

Coleson & Tate said...

I do wish you'd come to my house. :)

Cathy said...

You did it again! Looks great...and functional! Woohoo!

Season said...

I love it!!!! Good job. I don't think you needed any help.

Sara said...

Looks great! I liked what you said about micro-organizing. I find myself doing that all too often and then not being able to keep it up (even more often!). Great point.

Jill said...

Beautiful! I love all the little touches; the fan, the computer chair, the burlap flower on the bulletin board, the bag hanging from the doorknob. I really like the fact that you have the computer separate from your crafting area. Have fun in your new space!!

Stacy said...

Awesome! Love the two work areas...and all the little touches which make it fun and pretty while totally functional! Great job!

Anonymous said...

A great use of your home. It will help you keep the dining and kitchen less messy which will make meals easier. Lovely room. I remember when Jeff used that room for loading bullets... It might be a few years before he gets a gun room again :) Jenni B

Anonymous said...

Very cute, Al! I just bought those same magazine boxes at IKEA. Working on my office spaces too. Janelle

Andee said...

I love the jars for the sewing stuff. You mean you don't have to wind up the tape measure to put it away? Pure genius. I want to be just like you when I grow up.