Wednesday, January 05, 2011

$1 Bulletin Board


BHG inspired me with this picture of framed bulletin boards.

I've been thinking about it for more than a year, looking for a good frame and throwing ideas around in my head about what would work for the backing.

The frame is another second-hand find.


I used two layers of cardboard for the "bulletin board" backing.

I still had lots of the old burlap that Jeff found in the barn and I used it to cover the cardboard.

Hot glue came through for me again. 

Gluing right along the edge first and then folding the fabric in made a finished edge. Just in case anyone is looking at the back of my frame.

I stuffed the covered cardboard (which was even sturdier than I thought) into the back of the frame. A little glue really holds it in place.

I think my office is as done as it going to get, so look forward to a reveal tomorrow.



Season said...

I can't wait to see it! And is that the curtain you used for the backing?

simplykersh said...

We snuck a peek tonight...loved it! Good work!

MelinaLawson said...

I love all your recycling/inexpensive craft ideas! I think we might be kindred spirits. :)