Sunday, February 27, 2011

How You Do'in?

This is how we've been feeling:

Spend enough time cooped up in a house full of germy people and you might end up looking like this.

We have all battled what we call the "Mack Truck Flu." So called because it feels as though you've been hit by a Mack truck. And then, just when you think you are over the worst, the truck turns around and hits you again. It started with Mandy and then it went down the line and we all fell, unceremoniously into a pile.

The above picture is an example of how the men in the family feel.

Through the achy breaky symptoms, I am still reading "One Thousand Gifts." It is about choosing thankfulness. Amidst anything. Even sickness. Trusting God means being thankful in everything (I Thess 5:18). It is kinda a book I wanted to throw out the window in this instance. Instead of moaning and dwelling on how much I was suffering (there was a Mack truck in the neighborhood), I forced myself to make this list:

1. waking up to snow, 
2. waking up next to my beloved, 
3. down blankets, 
4. hot tea for sore throats, 
5. energy to play in snow, 
6. camera to capture moments, 
7. sunshine so bright, 
9. sunflare, 
10. red noses, 
11. the smell of bread baking,
12. fevers that burn away germs,
13. extra snuggles....

"Holding my head in my hands, I ask it honest before God and children and daily mess: 'Can we really expect joy all the time?'
I know it well after a day smattered with rowdiness and worn a bit ragged with bickering, that I may feel disappointment and the despair may flood high, but to give thanks is an action and rejoice is a verb and these are not mere pulsing emotions. While I might not always feel joy, God asks me to give thanks in all things, because he knows the feeling of joy begins in the action of thanksgiving." pg. 176, One Thousand Gifts.

I hope we are all on the road to recovery. I'm feeling better today. More like I was hit by a Geo Metro instead of a truck. Jeff is up and about (ish). The girls are bored and dressing their feverish brother up like a butterfly. Things are looking up....

Finding joy,


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Sara said...

Ugh, so sorry to hear you have all been so sick! It's awful when it hits everyone. Way to go finding things to be thankful for even when you are feeling your worst!