Friday, March 04, 2011

These are mine.

I got new blocks the other day from Amazon. I ordered them for me. Truely. I have wanted some for quite a while to use as a photography prop. Little did I know there are a gazillion choices in the wooden block department. I ended up choosing these because there are a few duplicate letters, they are a bit larger than the norm, and they are fresh font. 

I'm not a mean mom. I let the kids play with them....

The soft clinking sound of wooden blocks seems fundamental in childhood development. Rem built towers and knocked them down over and over again. He also lost the letter "m" within two minutes of me putting away the camera. The boy has a gift for losing things.


PS To get the very blurred background in these photos, I had my aperture wide open (1.8f) using my 50 mm lens, a high IOS (800 I think), and I focused on the blocks. These setting not only look cool and artsy-fartsy, they are also ideal for inside, no-flash photography on a cloudy day.

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Sara said...

Sheesh, 1.8f?? The widest I can go is 3.5f and that's only when all the way zoomed out (sorry for any improper photography lingo used :). Hence, I've gone back to using a flash inside most of the time since they usually turn out blurry or dark unless there is exceptionally bright light coming from the windows.

PS) Cute blocks!