Monday, March 07, 2011

"Go to the basement!" punishment

My kids like to drive me crazy and "run the loupe." The loupe goes through the living room, dining room, hallway, mudroom, and right through the middle of the kitchen and back again in a circle. Pushing some noisy car, screaming and chasing eachother, blankets over their heads and running into walls. It's especially loud when other kids are over. Oh my! 

Every day when they are running to and fro, I say, "If you want to run, go to the basement!" There is plenty of room down there. But the children do not go unless forced.

"Come on, please just go play in the basement!!?" I beg, I plead. I force.

They cry.

And what's not to love?

Windows covered over because they are broken.

Mold growing in the corner.

Cold, uneven, dirty concrete floors.

Storage space mixed with all the un-loved and broken toys.

Dark and dank. 

Circus paint treatment from previous tenants. Not to mention the outdoor siding used on inside walls.

One of my nephews was over at Christmastime and I sent the kids downstairs to play. Soon after, my nephew came up crying, "There are mice and slugs down there!" And what could I say to comfort the poor boy. It's true.

Mice and slugs.

For 9 years we kinda pretended like we didn't have a basement. On tours of our house, I would skip that door saying, "Oh, its just the basement. It isn't finished. More like, "It's frightening."

About 8 years ago, Jeff made a valiant effort to spruce the place up. He thought it would be a fun game room for friends to hang out. He cleaned it all up, put up the falling down ceiling, and painted the walls white. The big problem was still the coldness, moisture, and it was VERY loud. Two adults couldn't have a conversation if anything else was going on. 

We rarely used it.

Jeff and I decided it was time to tackle this project. Is it even possible to turn this unused, creepy, dank space into a livable, inviting retreat for young and old?

We started about 3 weeks ago with a major clean-up. Also, Jeff installed new windows. Let there be light! A subfloor was next. Then paint. Then carpet. I can't wait to show you the results.

Someday soon, "go play in the basement" won't be a punishment. :)



Stacy said...

What a teasing post...I want to see during pictures too! We had a scary, "that's just the basement door" too only without even that wonderful of a space on the other side.

Annie said...

I can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know you HAD a basement...& with such wonderful space too! I guess I missed the basement door during the house tour!! Can't wait to see what you & Jeff do to this area.

Aunt Dianne

Anonymous said...

I'm hanging.....I need some after pictures. Janelle