Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Kids Say the Funniest Things - Mandy Edition

Mandy just came into the room holding a seam ripper and two packages of sewing needles. 

I asked, "Why do you have my sewing stuff?"

She responded, "This is sewing stuff? Oh, well your kids aren't geniuses."

The child is 3.

Going on 16, or so she tells me.

The other day I was applying eye shadow in the bathroom mirror and Mandy said she wanted some too. I told her not until she was 16 and without missing a beat she said, "But I am 16." She had this incredulous look on her face and her hands were flipped palms up. Of course, how could I forget. 

Maybe it is the fact you are three feet tall. 

Or maybe it is because I remember your birthday. 3. Years. Ago.

Mandy is constantly talking.


If she isn't talking, she is either sound asleep or ill. 

Actually, even when she is ill she is telling us all about what ails her. 

No one does sick quite as dramatically as Mandy.

God has a sense of humor because we spent the first 3 years of Emma's life in virtual silence. 

Emma never tried to talk, didn't want to talk and it was at this same age (3 and a half) 

that I took her in to be evaluated for delayed speech.

Emma, who has no speech delay now, but prefers to be quiet, recently told me that Mandy talks enough for the both of them. 

It's true.

Mandy's imaginary world is a crazy place and listening in always gives me pause to chuckle.

"My husband is pregnant and his parents just died. I just don't know what I am going to do!! 

[insert flailing hand motions and dramatic sighs]

This is terrible. Just terrible. Oh, just come with me while I find the princesses."

And she was off to put on a princess dress. Then take off a princess dress 2 minutes later when she was no longer pretending to be a princess.

Even as I type, Mandy is twisting a headband around my arm telling me this is my "creature power suit."

I do feel a little quicker in the fingers. Thanks Mandy.



Sherri said...

Thanks for sharing the latest Mandyisms. I was looking at all her laughing pictures in our room today and smiling about our happy girl. Now I'm laughing out loud.

Anonymous said...

I think there's something special about being a middle child; they have an amazing imagination, every event in their life is dramatic & they like to talk. Or at least that seems to be true with your middle child & mine! But that's why we love them so much. They are truly a delight to be around. It gets even better the older they are. It's so great that you write this stuff down so it's not forgotten.
Aunt Dianne

Jennifer said...

I laughed so hard about the pregnant husband that I almost woke Neal :)

Linds and Manda said...

Very cute. The comment about her husband being pregnant reminds me of when I worked at the NBC office. Lynda, the receptionist at the time, heard crying from one of the offices. She went to check and found a little campus boy curled up in his dad's office. When asked what was wrong he looked up and dramatically said, "my dad left me and my momma died when I was a young boy". He was about 5 or 6 at the time! Trying not to completely lose it with laughter, Lynda managed to help him home but we still laugh about that. Great imagination. Do you think Mandy could make me a creature power suit and send it up here. Sure could use some extra energy. love you.

Shawna said...

Oh Alysun, What a time Mandy and Madison would have! I feel bad for saying one time, CAN YOU PLEASE NOT TALK FOR FIVE MINUTES? She too is imaginative beyond my wildest abilities. I LOVED THIS POST!