Sunday, August 28, 2011

The busy post you've been waiting for...

You'll be happy to know I've done some self analysis.

I had no idea the public outcry would be so deafening.

Okay, I mildly offended two loyal followers (also frequent blog posters about being busy).

My self analysis uncovered some deep-seeded issues about my own lameness. You see, when I am reading someone's blog about how busy she is, I feel lame because 1) I haven't done nearly as many bloggable, cool, rad, things, 2) I haven't taken any pictures of lately, and 3) I am sitting there reading the blog, so I must not be busy and, i.e, lame.

Self doubt isn't a pretty attribute, especially when God's given me a purpose.

Feeling lame about what I lack, whether in coolness, radness, style, poeticism (thank you spell-check), and funniness, isn't productive.... or grateful. God's so good to me and my blessings abound.

My life is full, busy or not, with blessings.

Check out these two. A hoot and completely uncooperative during a recent photoshoot.

Mandy isn't thrilled with Emma's breath. I'm sure her own was fresh and perky.

The days fly by and these kids keep me hopping, laughing, doing laundry, preparing snacks and meals, running the dishwasher, and sweeping up endless crazy messes.

We spend a lot of time outside, tending the garden, watching zucchini grow before our very eyes. Last year our garden did poorly so I went a little crazy this year and planted way too much of everything. We have tomatoes, corn, potatoes, zucchini, crookneck, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, lettuce, cucumber, and herbs. Keep your door locked, I'm coming over with my surplus.

We planted about 40 feet of wildflowers from a seed packet.

It was a great idea because the girls ask me every day if they can make a bouquet. 

They pick flowers and create to their hearts content and I don't worry about them wrecking any of my plants -- there are plenty to choose from!

When I get a few minutes here and there,

I haven't been blogging. You might have noticed.

[Tap, tap, tap] Is this thing on?

It has fallen to the bottom of my priorities. Priorities being:

1) kids, house, finding hungry farmers (one in particular) to have meals with every day.

2) preparing for a wedding I am shooting in a few weeks and another one at the end of October. I recently bought a flash, stand, and umbrella and am setting up a home studio. Also, taking training courses from, awesome fun stuff!

3) getting ready for homeschooling. The catch-all office needs some major reorganizing to make it functional for a first grader, preschooler, and mischievous toddler... oh, and me too. I got a bunch of the books I ordered in the mail and am excitedly planning the school year. We'll be doing a co-op once a week and have tons and tons to help us learn and have fun with My Father's World curriculum.

4) canning is in full swing. I'm currently working on jams. Along with a bunch of successful jars, I managed to scorch a batch and ruin it while multi-tasking. The plus side is that I completed the curtains for the basement in the process. Down side, 9 cups of berries on the compost pile. Next up are tomatoes, pears, and apple sauce. I really want to make salsa this year too.

5) Drops. I am constantly amazed at how having the accountability of writing for Drops is growing my faith. When it would be so easy to forget time with God, I'm prompted by this responsibility. Sharing my journey with other moms is convicting, compelling, encouraging, and frightfully humbling. 

Andrea and I are coming up on a year of writing for our Drops of Living Water blog. We have a loyal group of readers and God's goodness constantly amazes us. We are hoping to bring on regular contributors this year and are excited about where God will take this effort.

This is life as we know it. What a "busy" post, right? Thanks for baring with me through sporadic posting. I'll be back when I catch another few minutes of free time. :)



Lesley said...

It's so fun to see snapshots of your life. Your everyday, to me, seems wonderfully busy in the very best way possible.

P.S. I HAVE noticed you've been posting less, and I'm glad to find out why! I missed your posts.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you have had gardening success! I hope you have a great time with the homeschool co-op and that you absolutely love the new curriculum you bought! Seeing the pictures of the girls makes me want to come visit soon! Jenni B

Anonymous said...

You are such an amazing woman! Thanks for sharing. I love reading about your experiences.


Sherri said...

Yes, I miss when you don't post, but I know the are much more important things. Can't wait for a wildflower bouquet of my own, and some Zucchini Too!!!

Sherri said...

Oh and I love all pictures!! I'm bringing my flash drive!

Sara said...

Okay, I'm feeling "lame because 1) I haven't done nearly as many bloggable, cool, rad, things, 2) I haven't taken any pictures of lately, and 3) I am sitting there reading the blog, so I must not be busy and, i.e, lame." :)

Sara said...

Oh, and LOVE the picture of Mandy with the wildflowers = summer at its finest! And fabulous idea about the wildflowers - I will definitely implement that someday!

April said...

First, I have to say that I am so looking forward to you being our main photgrapher at our wedding! I found an e-mail months ago that was written like two years ago saying that if I get married would you take my pictures...and LOOK here we are!

Second, reading about your garden, flowers, and jams is almost enough to want to be a close neighbor so I can be one of the receivers of your bounty :)

See you in October!

Sarah D. said...

I love cyber stalking your blog. What wonderful fresh beautiful pictures. Loved the ones of your parents, I miss them. And Andrea's children are growing up so fast. (general comment from the last three posts :) )