Monday, August 08, 2011

Summer is when laziness finds respectability.

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability."

(Sam Keen)

"Lazy" isn't a word used to describe a farm family's summer, usually.

My hardworking man is currently combining and 

just finished harvesting grass seed, now on to wheat.

The work keeps him out late and we catch moments of time with him for 

lunches and dinners when we find him in the fields.

There are so many pluses to farm life, that I put a piece of duct-tape over my mouth 

when I want to utter a complaint about the long hours.

Even with the duct-tape, the solo parenting still gets to my normally stellar attitude 

and I was in need of a break!

The kids and I took off for a week to glimpse laziness at the camp where my parents work.

With a pool, lake, dining hall, and grandparents with flexible working schedules,

it proved to be the perfect place to relax.

My sister also spent the week at camp, actually camping in a tent trailer

while I stayed at my parents.

The older kids (Emma and Benton, along with 2 of Ben's friends)

went to daycamp during the week.

Mandy and Nano and Rem had a great time playing together.

There isn't too much laziness allowed with active children around.

Should we play at the pool, lake, or one of the playgrounds? became the biggest question of the day.

My children don't have the "fear of water" gene, so Rem wore a life jacket for 90% of our visit.

Occationally he would pull on that horrible leg strap with a look of disdain (wouldn't you?). 

Then he would go on playing.

Along with Rem's cheerful play, here is a portion of my leg 

so you can see I am making an effort to tan.

I'm so thankful for my parents who took time off to hang out with us.

They are as busy as farmers in the summer, but were around enough for us to get thoroughly spoiled.

My baby decided to choose this week to shed any traces of baby-hood.

He learned how to crawl out of the pack n' play the first day and rebelled against naps after that.

He also learned how to drink from a big cup, jump, walk backwards, 

and say "cheese".... just not all at the same time -- he has his limits.

I've never, ever told my kids to say "cheese" to get a smile.

Yet Rem was still going around with this strange smile saying the never-ending version of "cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze."

So cute. I admit it.

Emma and Ben had such a good time at camp.

I was curious to see how Emma would like it since she has never been away from me for that long.

She found some hidden extrovert gene I didn't know she had and participated 

with the other kids like a pro. She did swim lessons, crafts, Bible stories, 

and went on a field trip to Northwest Trek.

Probably helps to have a cousin like this to hang out with!

Rem's favorite person is Daddy, but without him around, 

Grandpa became a reasonable substitute

The vacation was a great idea.

We are refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of the summer.

The farmer-man missed us too, working even longer hours. 

He's happy to have happy people to come home to!



Stacy said...

sounds devine!!! glad you're home refreshed.

Sara said...

I love the picture of Remi holding your dad's legs! Precious! I'm glad you got to rest and be spoiled. It was so much fun to see you and play by the lake!

Ash Kahl said...

I just left you a long Ashley rant but for some reason it didn't post. If you get two comments from me, then you are really loved!

To sum it up, looks like you had a lot of fun and I better be invited to go next summer. Also, your Mama is one hot babe!

Anonymous said...

This brought back great memories of our week with you & your sister 4 yrs ago at Black Lake....only it rained the whole time we were there. Looks like you had beautiful weather this time! So glad you got to have some special time with your wonderful parents.
Aunt Dianne

April said...

Great pictures and it is a great reminder...thank you! You have a farmer husband and I'm a Navy fiance soon to be wife. And right now he is on deployment and has been for months...but those deployment days are coming to an end, YAY! I need that face to face contact...communication. e-mail doesn't hit the spot all the time but how it used to be, I guess I am blessed!
Anyways, I'm glad you all got to get away for rest, relaxation and just plain fun!

Season said...

I think I'd like to go too. Do you have room for 10 more? My little ones would spend hours in front of that fountain thing.