Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Botanical Anomalies

We had a lovely garden this year.

Full of wild flowers, sunflowers, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, herbs, squash, carrots (of short stature), and zucchini (of unusual size).

I love gardening with my kids.

We'll continue our crazy garden attempts next year.

Here I caught a zucchini before it got too big. 

Emma was CZP, cheif zucchini picker, for our 5 plants.

A few got away from her.

The vertically challenged carrots,

Zucchini of unusual size? 

I don't believe they exist.

Until next year's botanical anomalies surprise us, 



Stacy said...

My garden started so good...weeded every week, lovingly tended each day...then morning sickness and beginning pregnancy exhaustion hit. Next year...oh, wait I'll have a newborn.

Anonymous said...

Love your garden! That is an amazing zucchini. Wow! You have such a special reading your blog:)
p.s. Did you know zucchini blossoms are a delicacy? You can stuff them with a crab meat mixture and tempura batter them and fry them. And serve them with a lemon type of a sauce (yuzu cocho). Very yummy:)