Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Simply Simplifying

One of the blogs I check-out frequently when I am avoiding household tasks is called

Small Notebook for a simple home.

In a recent article, the author said "It is so much easier to simplify than to organize."

I love the sentiment, the idea, the peace and calmness of simplifying.

I am a chronic organizer, hanging on to things I may need someday, all the while grumbling because I can't find anything.

With this idea in mind, I set about to tackle a project that causes me constant, daily, post-meal angst. 

I organized my leftover container drawer about 6 months ago.

Can't you tell?

The problem is, I organized, I didn't simplify.

So I grumbled and shoved and grumbled and scrambled and looked for a container with a matching lid.

All I wanted was a matching lid!

Out of all this, shouldn't there be some matches?

With some simplifying, I discovered a disproportionate amount of lids to containers. 

Where are those missing containers? I don't know.

Probably with the missing socks, safety pins, the other half of the Easter eggs from '07, and pens with flowing ink.

With my birthday money I bought a new set of beautiful left-over containers.

With "easy find lids," I see my life getting simpler already.

I sorted out all the lids, as beautiful and nice looking as they may be, that didn't fit a container. I am going to toss them. I know, I know. I'm sure there is some craft project where I could use all those lids.

How about merry Christmas lid tree ornaments?

What's left is an easy to see, easy to find assortment of containers that will happily hold leftover food.

Without grumbling.

I feel at peace. Quite simply.



Stacy Coleman said...

You inspired me to (half way) clean up my tupperware drawer. It had baby bottles in there, which Rebekah refused to drink from. Those should've been tossed at least a year ago!

Kari said...

I have done this as well, I only keep containers that have lids. I also have a container/or ziploc that holds the lids, so they don't all get jumbled together. It is a simple way to eliminate unnecessary grumbling during cleanup!