Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Cabaret

Christmas programs can be rather excruciating if you have nothing invested in the event.

Now that I have little children, dressing them up and watching their fantastic talents unfold on stage is actually tons of fun

Rem is sporting a suit passed down from a family friend (circa 1979), then worn by his uncle John, then John's 4 sons. 

Is it my imagination or did my baby suddenly grow up?

Mandy loves getting dressed up for any reason. 

Her "performance" was extremely exciting for her.

My grandparents were able to come endure watch.

And of course we roped the local grandparents into coming as well.

Love that we have so much kind and generous family in the area to share special events like this.

Fancy desserts and drinks were served.

It was really a fun idea.

I made a cheesecake and tried a new recipe to share with the attendees.

I made Paula Deen's Cheesecake Bars (you can find the recipe here).

I figured with all 5 star reviews, it had to be fantastic. It was very good, but I would give it 4 stars because the cheesecake part wasn't thick enough for me. I think Paul Deen groupies can't help but give her 5 stars on whatever she makes. Or maybe they were giving the butter 5 stars...

The crust was really yummy (ode to butter) and was pretty much all I could taste. There are 5 left-over pieces in my fridge right now and I may need to continue taste-testing before I make a final analysis. 

Rem's 2 and 3's class, Mandy's 4 and 5's class, and Emma's first and second grade class did two songs together. Many in their groups couldn't be there, but they sang with gusto. Even Remington, who appeared to have stage fright for about 2 seconds and then was quite the show off.

In case you are wondering about their costumes, Rem is Joseph and Mandy is Mary -- it was a low budget affair. 

I'm sure Joseph wore sheik garb over his polyester leisure suit. Probably. Maybe.

Jeff has been teaching the Jr. High class for quite a few years now. I am his loyal sidekick.

In the summer, our small class decided to add puppet shows to their list of talents. Once a month, they perform a Bible story script for the younger classes. You can imagine the kids Rem, Mandy, and Emma's age enjoy it a lot.

Our class did a puppet show for the Cabaret and did a fantastic job. 

I am so impressed with their diligence at learning the scripts, holding up heavy puppets, and their willingness to serve (they did 4 performances of this script on Sunday for the Sunday School classes and then the Cabaret).

The evening came to a close.

After the fun filled night, I realized did not take a picture of my own kids together.

This is what you get at 9pm.....

A bit of their luster had worn off, but they still make a cute trio.



Sara said...

Yes, kid's programs are SOOO different to watch when you have kids in them. And, hey, if you think your performance was "low-budget," you should see our church's! Ha!

PS) I totally remember John wearing that suit when we were little!

April said...

Ha ha ha! How cute! Sounded like a fun night!

Sherri said...

I wish we could have been there to experience it in person, but the pictures are fun. Rem with his hand in the pocket, and hamming it up on stage... and the 9pm shot is classic--messy hair and half asleep eyes and all:)

kt barnes said...

oh. my. word. mandy looks like juli. peters face through and through!

Linds and Manda said...

Very cute! I love the last picture especially...Remi looks like he's had so much fun but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! :) We didn't do a program this year but had a games night/movie night instead. It was low key and wonderful. I kind of missed watching the kids up on the stage though.