Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Letter

If you didn't get a Christmas card and letter from me this year,

it isn't because I don't love you.

It is because I was too lazy to send them out.

The few and fortunate got these puppies:

And this letter:

    This is a year in the life of our family, the quick(ish) version.

    From youngest to oldest… Remington crazily sped from babyhood to all-boyhood this year, turning 2 in October. Cars, trucks, tractors, and everything outside are his favorites. Rem left most of his easy-going nature behind in favor of independence. He loves to play with other kids and especially grandparents. “Papa” was his first word and he says it whenever he sees a tractor (Papa Jim) or red car (Papa Tom). We enjoy his friendly, exuberant and loving personality.

   Mandy turned 4 this year and is all girly-girl. She loves to make up stories, play house, “read”, and play with her siblings and friends (she had 28 friends over for her birthday in September). Mandy learns Bible verses for Awana, is doing preschool, writes her first name, and counts to 9 with ease. Her Sunday School teacher describes her as a “fire cracker.” With such a bright personality, we look forward to how God will use her as she chooses to love Him more. Mandy is constantly entertaining, such a joy to be around.

   Emma just turned 7 and is in 1st grade. Her generosity and thoughtfulness amaze and humble us. She spent her birthday money entirely on others this year! The tenacious traits that challenged us in her 2’s now show themselves in determination for learning school work, memorizing Scripture, riding her bike, and doing chores. She is a passionate crafter and learned to sew this year – good thing mommy has tons of scraps to use. Emma is such a helpful, awesome girl!

   On to the parents of this tribe (from youngest to oldest): Alysun stayed busy teaching the girls school, keeping Rem from dismantling the house, singing on the worship team at church, attending Bible study, writing for various blogs, gardening, and taking pictures including 2 weddings (one in San Diego), although she skipped “get a fantastic portrait of her own family”, sorry folks, casual is what you get around here.

   Jeff’s year was full of the usual, farming and more farming, teaching Cubbies at Awana, teaching Sunday School (Jr. High, bless his heart), house projects (he completed our basement remodel), and spending as much time as possible with the family.

   We took a few short trips this year including visiting Olympia, central Oregon, the Coast, and week long trip to southern California in February. On the road trip we saw a lot of fun things from here to there including friends in the Bay area, the beach (81 degree day to play), awesome Disneyland, and Palm Springs where we visited Alysun’s Grandma Bonnie and Bill. The kids did really well with all the hours in the car, they are always up for an adventure!

 As another year wraps up, we are again so grateful for the blessings that surround us. God is good! We are eagerly anticipating the birth of a baby boy in May – the girls enjoy coming up with name ideas… Angus, Toucan, or Rudolph?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

(for the rest of the Peters clan :)


happley handcrafted said...
This site has a great list of "gun" names...if you wanted to match remi. :)

April said...

Love the picture! Have a great start to your new year!

Anonymous said...

Great letter and pictures. Thank you for including us in the story of the Peters family! Jenni B

Anonymous said...

We're not in your story. I meant to say we liked hearing about your family. Jenni B

Stacy Coleman said...

I didn't even get anything printed or written this year. Maybe December was just a little too busy this year... There's always next year!!