Thursday, January 05, 2012

Changing of the Guards, Perspective.

I found myself at the chiropractor's office yesterday. My back it tricky under normal circumstances, but while pregnant, it is downright ridiculous. Shouldn't I be able to carry a squirming toddler into the house while holding 2 gallons of milk?

I thought so. My back did not.

Great visual. Right?

So I loaded the kids in the car, thankful my chiropractor could make time for me. When I got there, I realized a lapse in my mommy-logic. I put the Little Man in the car without his socks and shoes. Since he always takes them off anyway, I planned to put them on when we got to the destination. Only I forgot his shoes. They were at home, 20 minutes away, waiting with the other 14 pairs of his functional footwear.

I could barely walk I was in so much pain, but I had to carry Rem in, the girls following. Everyone was very good during the appointment. Good training, snacks, and nasty consequences are the key to well behaved children during doctor visits.

The chiropractor  confirmed what I knew to be true, "Your back will continue to go out of alignment as your stomach gets bigger." He recommended shoes with a negative heel (Kelso Earth technology) to help my back stay in better posture. I have one pair already, so I know they are great, but they are giant walking shoes. Giant, I tell you. Roughly making my feet look like life-rafts built for the whole fam.

That's it! I was stopping at the shoe store on the way home, spending my Christmas money on shoes so I could walk without pain while looking somewhat fashionable.

The shoe store was just down a few blocks and I was in luck, a parking spot right in front. I lugged Rem from his carseat again, probably undoing the chiropractor's manipulations of my poor spine. I waited a few minutes to be helped, hoping no one noticed my shoe-less child. After explaining what I wanted and yes, we had 14 pairs of perfectly functional pairs of shoes for the toddler, the salesman said,

"I'm sorry, we don't carry that brand. But the shoe store on 2nd has a nice selection."

I waddled out with my load of children. I was faced with a decision. Walk the 3 blocks to the other shoe store. Drive the three blocks to the store and try to find a parking spot even though I hate parallel parking. Or get into the car and drive home, wear the life-raft shoes for a few days and order a cute pair online.

You know my decision. This pregnant mother of 3. I chose to get in the car, throw more snacks at the kids and go home.

What I marveled at on the way home is perspective. How different life situations skew, for better or worse, our outlook on life. My back, my shoe-less Wonder of a 30 pound independent toddler, my ineptitude at city parking, my pregnancy, my kids, my desire to be home sweet home...

they all played into my choice to NOT to walk or even drive 3 blocks.

On my way to London, England.
3 blocks was nothing to this chubby-cheeked, long haired girl.

11 years ago I was Europe bound. For nearly 2 months, I walked and walked and walked around Western Europe with a rail pass, a backpack with just essentials, and a best friend. I remember many times that we had to walk a few klicks out of our way because of missed directions. What's a few more miles? Nothing really when you are young, strong, carefree, and independent.

That was my perspective pre-motherhood.

Hyde Park in London is over 5 miles long.
We walked it after flying all night, jet-lagged, hungry, and with backpacks.

I'm glad that life changes. Circumstance, life, all of it. It has made me wiser, if not stronger physically. It has made me accept reality instead of unrealistic ideas (like shoe shopping after a chiropractor visit). It has made me happy with memories, thankful for today's blessings, and
so, so, very grateful for online shopping.



Anonymous said...

Oh how I empathize! I have learned that my back rebels against me packing toddlers much to my sadness. However, sit-ups and swimming have enabled me to have my only visit to the chiropractor be to deliver a plate of cookies and not to have an adjustment for almost a year. On-line shopping is a mothers gift to sanity! Be patient my friend your body will spring back to normal in a few months. Jenni B

Olivia said...

All of what you said rang so true to this young mom!!

Sara said...

It's amazing what seemingly simply errands or tasks can become so difficult and disastrous with three kids in tow!