Monday, March 19, 2012

A Day In The Life (pregnancy + kitchen remodel)

34 weeks. Can I stay in bed?

Errands this morning. Library, grocery store, and Bi-mart with my troupe instead.

This quiet moment brought to you by Garfield and Friends on the iPad.

17 drawer fronts painted during the kids' rest time.

Pancakes for dinner. Daddy's still out working and the house is torn apart. Will this day end?

Kids are in bed, time to tile.

Jeff made the edge cuts while I laid the field tiles.

I sure love this tile, it was all worth it. (20+ man/woman hours)





KT Barnes said...

Love LOVE LOOOOOVE the tile.

Anonymous said...

YOU DID IT! Yeah for finishing the hard part of the tile! Jenni B

Dan & Hillary said...

Love the belly:-) I can't believe you accomplish so much in each day!

AK said...

Looks wonderful! You are one beautiful pregnant lady. Can't wait to see that little squirts face.

Jill said...

Wow - you and the kitchen look wonderful!! You'll be so ready to have both 'projects' done soon!!

Sara said...

This is one very big reason why our kitchen looks the same way as when we moved in even though we don't like it! You are crazy/amazing! There is no way I could do all that work while pregnant or put up with the construction that long!