Friday, March 23, 2012

Things I Love

Photo credit: Emma

♥ going on vacation.

♥ celebrating 10 years with my (still) best friend. Remembering our honeymoon and talking about how time has flown.

♥ that we started our journey as two individuals and now we are a family of 6. We couldn't have imagined the blessings.

♥ the Oregon Coast, rain, wind, sun, hail, snow, ect. And we had it all this week.

♥ warm resort swimming pools.

♥ that Emma can swim now! She had such a blast finally being independent (the other two had a blast staying in the shallow end with much supervision).

♥ free family friendly activities like the Marine Science Center.

♥ that Mandy got to feed a "See Amy" (Sea Anemone).

Mo's clam chowder and fish and chips. Always yummy. Especially on "kids eat free Wednesday."

♥ pancake breakfasts at our condo.

♥ afternoon naps.

♥ shopping with my oldest even though she told me I shouldn't get a new sweater, "It's just not a deal Mom."

♥ my children's photography.

♥ Burger King's new Mocha Frape (shhh, don't tell my midwife). It's delicious!

♥ HGTV marathons every once in a while.

♥ that Rem is starting to talk more and more and keeps us entertained with his chatter. "I wanna go swimming," was one we heard a lot the last few days.

♥ the crazy painful Braxton Hicks and my body's aches, it means I won't be pregnant forever.

♥ breakfast in bed while my sweetheart takes on the kids. Gotta love a man who will sit and snuggle his children while watching cartoons.

♥ my life.

Photo credit: Mandy




Melina Lawson said...

What a beautiful family. This made me smile. :)

Cathy said...

Your blog and posts are always such a blessing! Congratulations on 10 years!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you and your family! It sounds like a wonderful week of celebration. Welcome home and I hope your last days before baby are relaxing and memorable. Jenni B

Sara said...

Happy 10 years! Sounds like a lovely vacation and a nice break from everyday life before #4 arrives!
PS) Love Emma and Mandy's pictures! That's one way to get a picture of yourself in there! :)

Sherri said...

Love that there is so much to love about your life, and that you focus on those things!
The girls pictures are great, especially love Mandy's :)