Thursday, May 17, 2012

Time Flies When You Are Sleeping All Night

Our littlest is already 1 month old.

People say, "Wow, I can't believe he is already a month. That went fast!"

To that I say, "Time flies when you are sleeping all night."

I always think time flies for other people's kids too. Because I'm not staring them in the face 24/7. It does go by fast when only periodic updates are available.

Everyday reality has felt like a month with this precious new life. It has actually felt longer.

We've been getting to know each other. Tommy isn't the easiest character to figure out. Most the time I feel like I have NO idea what I'm doing. Have I nursed and cared for 3 previous babies before? Can't tell. This one is different. 

He is pretty fussy (ie, screams his head off) because of gas. In exploring the causes, I tried a complicated nursing routine of pumping and then bottle feeding. That didn't help.

I also tried Gripe Water, homeopathic colic tablets, and infant anti-gas drops -- they defused a crying situation for a bit, but nothing spectacular.

What has helped the most so far is me not eating dairy. Gasp and cry. I LOVE all things dairy. I put cheese on everything. I treat myself with icecream. I eat yogurt at least once a day. I don't drink coffee unless it has some kind of creamy product in it and my bowl of cereal has milk on it. Always.

The difference is astounding, even after just a few days. I am now on day 8 (with one mishap with pizza having cheese... who knew?... it caused a great cranky spasm in Tommy). He's such a nicer baby to be around now! He has times of quiet and peace and I think, "Oh ya, this is what babies are supposed to do!"

Tommy is such a cutie. Can you just imagine how soft his cheeks are? They are extraordinary thanks to packing on 3.5 pounds this month. All the weight went straight for his gut and his cheeks... maybe not so desirable in an adult, but fantastic in a newborn.

The outfit he was wearing in this picture is a 0-3month, but it was the last time he wore it. Too small already.

Tommy's likes: 




being carried around by his sisters

having toy cars driven around on his face by his brother

sleeping in his swing on high speed

sitting in his vibrating bouncy seat while his siblings crowd around talking baby talk to him

playing chase as daddy runs around with him chasing his brother and sisters

This pleasant face brought to you by mommy's dairy avoidance. Okay, it's worth it.

If you are wondering who he looks like? Well, he looks like Tommy. Uniquely his own little person.

I see occasions where he looks like Mandy when he smiles, Rem when he is mad, and Emma when he is serious.

Yawns from staying awake crying all night because I forgot that pizza has cheese on it. 

He wishes his mommy was smarter.

But he loves me anyway. Actually adores me because I'm his meal ticket.

And we adore him. :)



Dan & Hillary said...

I love that our boys are 3 months apart (only). Thanks for posting!!

Jill said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for you both (all!) about the gas issues! I bet you are thanking the good Lord you have linked it to dairy; hopefully it will be a short lived diet for you both. Dairy...the center of all things delish :)

Sherri said...

Oh how I live all the precious pics! This summer we will have to do some serious research on how to make gelato or sherbet w/o any dairy so you don't feel to deprived. And yup, I agree he looks exactly like
Tommy Peters! :)

Sara said...

I smiled and nodded a lot as I read this post. Yes, it seems like you just announced his birth to me, but I know exactly how loooooong one month feels as a sleep-deprived mom of a fussy newborn! I'm sorry you have to miss out on all the deliciousness of dairy foods, but I'm glad you found what makes Tommy happier. I will try to remember to send you some of my favorite dairy-free recipes I've found - I must say the dairy-free diet gets easier each time I've done it with my babies, but I've also done similar forgetful acts like the pizza you ate!

I'm sure you are doing great with Tommy - don't doubt yourself, you are a fabulous and very competent mommy. I think we just expect it to go soooo much easier with each subsequent baby and all our experience, but, hey, newborns are still TONS of work and they're all different! Hang in there, the worst is soon to be over!

April said...