Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mandy Peters Photography

We recently celebrated my grandad's 80th birthday.

Mandy took it upon herself to be the party's photographer and snapped away.

I actually love these semi-candids she captured from her short stature.

Grammy and Thomas

The birthday boy!

Catching Grandma Sherri texting.

Uncle Dennis mastering the BBQ.

Grammy, Josiah, and Emma

Cousin Jeremiah refused to be photographed, so she took a picture of a picture. Smart girl.

Aunt Marci, the hostess.

Another picture of me.


There is something really strange happening with my right go-go-gadget hand.... I think I'm trying to sneak a chip.

Cousin Carissa with Mr. Popular.

A self-portrait.

Thomas knows how to have a good time.

Mandy was quite taken with Aunt Marci's jewelry collection.

I'm not sure who took this one since Mandy is in the photo.
Great Grandad with Mandy and Nano.

I took this one.... all the greats with their great-grandad. Love this guy!!!



Anonymous said...


You have a great eye.
Very creative with the self-portait. Keep up the good work.
You will be able to help your Mom photograph weddings and such someday. Jeff are you saving up for Mandy's new camera. The Nikon 1 J1 would work well. Just the right size. She would pay you back, of course.;)

Uncle Ken

April said...

She did such a great job! I love the pictures. Your family is so young looking, full of joy...awesome!

Grace said...

Fabulous job Mandy!!!! You've got such talent!!!

Tawny said...

Mandy did a fabulous job! And Grammy has very nice skin.

Sherri said...

I think Mandy did an amazing job! And I agree with uncle Ken.

Sarah D. said...

Great pictures Mandy! I loved seeing your great grandparents, they haven't changed a bit, still very youthful and as I remember them from my childhood.

Jennifer said...

I'm quite impressed with the jewelry collection too :)

Sara said...

Fun! Mandy is sure to be following in her mama's footsteps! I think I liked her self-portrait the best even if it is blurry. :)

PS) You are wearing bright yellow and blue!?! Boy, are you branching out from your neutrals! ;) Looks great!

Stacy Coleman said...

Great pics Mandy!