Saturday, June 09, 2012

Facebook: I love you, I love you not

Dear Facebook,

I love you... for giving me a place to post random things about my day that I had no one to tell them to before.

"A week ago my son spilled maple extract all over himself. 
Even after at least 5 baths, 
I still crave pancakes whenever he comes near."

(23 "likes" and 3 comments)

I love you not... for aiding me to waste time.


I love you... for reacquainting me with my mom's aunt, Luanne.

I love you not... for encouraging women decades past adolescence to be overly dramatic.

I love you... for providing an easy format to share pictures, even if they aren't the best upload quality.

I love you not... for being clueless when someone unfriends me.... I think there should be a questionnaire to fill out before someone lets me go.

I love you... for helping me feel close to loved ones who are far away.

I love you not... for making me think I know people intimately who don't even say "hello" to me at the grocery store.

I love you... for giving me a great way to spread news about my home business.

I love you not... for letting annoying people be more annoying.

I love you... for reminding me of people's birthdays.

I love you not... for encouraging me to stay an introvert.

I love you... for bridging the age gap and making social networking awesome for everyone... my oldest "friend" is 86 years old. Hi Grandpa Bill!

I love facebook, but I frequently go through periods of extreme dislike for it too. It has a hold on me and my emotions that I battle. The good comes along with a big load of bad. Would I have any "real" friends if I didn't check their status updates anymore or is facebook-commenting the new language of love?

Do I quit, or just cut back?

What's your take on social networking? Love it? Love it not?



Mindy said...

Well I was off facebook for about 6 months and really didn't miss it. I did miss a few people that I am not that close with but think they are great and wanted to stay connected some how. It does seem silly though because it doesn't really make me any closer to those people. Got back on even though I think the bad outways the good. I haven't made a desicion if I will stay on though. P.S. you are one of those great people!

Sherri said...

well said! I also have a love hate relationship. I go several days and wonder what I missed, I post something and no one likes it and it proves to me I am invisible. Or like you getting unfriended is just painful... But I see things like Rick and Annette went thru a few months ago and am so grateful for it. And there is finding all the people like Wanda and Patt that I had lost contact with...

Sherri said...

by the way I also hate this thing that makes me prove I'm not a robot- the are so hard to read took three trys above.

Sara said...

It's a love-hate relationship for me too. It's a time waster for sure, but I love how I've been able to keep in contact with people I wouldn't have otherwise. In fact, without facebook I never would have felt comfortable asking a college friend to pick me up from the airport or asking a different friend if we could stay the night during my recent trip to PA. I am NOT a phone person, so facebook lets me keep up friendships that surely would have died. I could do without the many status updates from everyone though and have cut back considerably on my own. And for once I am happy about Facebook's most recent change that lets me choose to be notified about favorite friends updates so that I don't waste as much time perusing the newsfeed. In the end, I feel it's worth it, even though my husband often complains that I waste too much time on it. :)

The Ugly Homemaker said...

This was such a great post! I love facebook. But you hit the nail on the head with the grocery store comment. I've run into people at the store that regularly comment on my FB posts and they don't even wave. Ha! Please don't exit social networking. I love your updates.

Hippy Chick said...

There is no better way to describe it than love/hate. However, since I started blogging and using facebook as more of an outlet for what I feel like I just MUST tell everyone that feeling has lessened a lot. There are definitely a lot of pros and cons and I guess it's up to each person not to let it consume them! I know it consumes me sometimes for sure.