Thursday, June 07, 2012

Menagerie, a family picture

I love a family portrait. 

As a photographer, I have completely lovely intentions of getting regular family photos... is just doesn't happen.

I've learned I can't be picky. Unless I'm willing to pay a pro (which I'm not), so here is what you get:

I actually really love the menagerie of oddness taking place in this photo. It is SO... us.

"Menagerie" definition: an unusual and varied group of people. 

Take the parents for instance. It looks like we've been parenting so long together that we are actually a two-headed parenting combo. Actually, I was trying to hide my post-pregnancy body behind my super man. I was mostly successful...  I have a head, one hand and two fairly chubby knees.

Emma scores points for "best impersonation of the character on her t-shirt."

Pretty sure she wasn't trying for that award which makes her expression even more spectacular. 

Mandy was channeling her inner cranky super-model. 

With Mandy's crazy height, natural beauty, and tendency toward diva-ish-ness, we pray hard and train continuously to ensure she knows Jesus and His standards for life.

Our Mr. Rem. He has no idea how to look at a camera when the person usually taking the pictures is curiously holding him.

Jeff's t-shirt says, "Life is good" and Tommy is striking a pose. 

4 weeks old and he is the best looking among us.

Oh how I love this awesome family.



Sherri said...

Agree, A fabulous menagerie:) Whats not to love!

Jill said...

So classicly beautiful! These are the best kind of portraits, and your descriptions are the cherry on top.

Stacy said...

I love it! So real, so happy, such a great family!

Sara said...

Love all your comments about the picture. :)