Thursday, April 02, 2009

Maternity photo session (not of me)

I just finished my very first maternity photo session. Not of me because all you would see is a slightly chubby looking belly. The session was for Season, a friend from MOPS. She volunteered when I was looking for a maternity session model to put on my new photography web site (coming soon). It was a breeze to photograph her and so much fun. You would never believe that this is Season's 7th baby. Some women posses a serene beauty during pregnancy, and she has it! Although Season says it is all due to Bare Minerals make-up, I believe she is just truly lovely. 

There are a few more pictures posted on my photography blog. Click on this link or get there from the link on the sidebar. 

Thanks to my wonderful, fantastic husband I was able to get the pictures edited in record time without distraction. Time like that is invaluable!


Grace said...

I love Season! She is so beautiful!

Dave & Pris said...

Pris & I read some of your thoughts. I particularly enjoyed the new chef in the house. I make most of the breakfasts during the school year: One of our family favorites comes from the Bahamas called Fire engine. I make deviations depending on what is in the refrigorator.

Cook the proper amount of grits for your family.

The sauce (fire engine) goes something like this:

Fry up 6 strips (more or less to taste) with 1 large onion. When the bacon or sausage is crisp and onions browned, add 3 sticks of diced celery, one diced green pepper, diced broccoli. Saute' (sp) the veggies for a short time. Then add 3 12 oz cans of tomato sauce, one can of sliced or diced mushrooms, and one can of corned beef. Steam until veggies are tender. I shake in seasonal, garlic powder, papprika, lemon pepper, black pepper, and last of all Cajun seasoning (or Cayanne pepper) to put in the fire (to taste- I would put in more but the fam doesn't like it quite that hot).

Alternatives: add some okra, asparagus, zuchini, or cauliflower

Dish out the grits and spread some sauce over the top. The sauce freezes well for quick breakfasts on other days.

Enjoy a spicy morning breakfast, with a nice slice of toast, some grapefruit /orange wedges and a cup of tea

bunchofbull-ers! said...

Okay, this is CRAZY....I have been reading your blog for awhile. Like well over a year. And I don't even remember how I found your blog.
But, I know Season. We went to church together in Phoenix, AZ. We worked in the nursery together too!
She is as beautiful as ever. And has had a few babies since I last saw her. :O)
WOW. Too funny huh?!

I would love to catch up with her.

Pardon me while I go pick my jaw up from the ground! HA.