Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sunny sunflowers

"Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it."  

~Russel Baker

We've had a few very hot days again; they were days that I could barely stand and my swollen feet throbbed to their own beat. I took pictures for a few customers, grinning and baring my weariness. You can look at the most recent Senior Portrait Sessions here. Hopefully my work doesn't show how exhausted I am. And now it is cooling off with a hurricane force wind that makes me shiver. This is summer in Oregon and I do love it.

This is the same field of sunflowers we take pictures at every year. Our neighbor plants his property with sunflowers for no known reason. I don't mind that they have no purpose because the view is beautiful.

My plan was to get a picture the girls together, but it didn't happen. My beauties wouldn't cooperate. Yes, even I have these problems with my children. I'm always happy if I can get at least one picture of each of them, looking summer lovely.

This is a fantastic time of year for children. Running, jumping, playing, splashing in any available water source, and eating right out of the garden. My girls are now devouring pears that fell from our tree -- the pears aren't ready yet, but that is okay. It is also a fantastic time for mommies because I can say, "Go outside and play!" when things get too hectic. I'll miss this very, very soon.

Emma was dancing in the evening sunshine. She is always dancing. And singing. And giggling. She's so preciously girly.

Mandy is such a sweety and a handful at the same time. Trying to explain to her that the patch of sunflowers was not for her to bulldoze was impossible. "Stand right here. Don't move. Look at me. Mandy! Mandy! Where is your smile?" From about walking age to 3 years old is a very challenging time to photograph a child. But I keep trying. Where is my assistant when I need one?



Kelleigh said...

Oh, but the photo of Mandy is SO sweet! I love it!

Kellie said...

I love these summer pics! Now that Grace's poison oak is on the mend I may have to try and get a few of her with the flowers. It's right up my little fairy's alley! Great backlighting by the way. I love summer sun!

sherri said...

Grandpa and Grandma say they are perfect, and we need them both! The horizontal frame is exactly what I need to replace the ones in my bedroom, 8x10 to the costco up here unless you don't have time before you leave, then we could do it down there next Saturday.Love the Dancing Emma too, I'll see what size I need of it.

Dan & Hillary and little Russell said...

At least your kids' faces are in the pictures. The back side of Russell is usually what I get!

Love the sunflower pix. Someday, you'll be doing their grad (I mean 'senior') pix...

Choco Girl said...

I love the natural!

Cathy said...

I always LOVE your yearly sunflower pictures. The one of Emma dancing in the field is a treasure!