Monday, July 19, 2010

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall

who can find the best deal of them all? 

( $142.99)

Mirrors are all the rage in decorating right now. Or so the experts say. A mirror increases the visual space in a room and reflects light. I'm convinced.

The problem is, I'm not the only one listening to the experts. If you go to buy a nice big mirror for your wall, you are going to pay a lot.

Annabelle Mirror, Antique White

(Pottery Barn, $299)

(Trouver Antiques, L400)

Alexander Julian's Cottage Large Arch Mirror (Beach Cottage White) by Vaughan-Bassett

( $259.99)

(London antique shop, L2,245)

I have expensive taste.

So when I saw this beauty at a local second hand shop, I got really excited. It was $15, solid wood and in perfect condition.

I am really thankful to be married to a man who doesn't come unglued when I spend $15 on something completely unnecessary for our home. He's an easy-going guy and I love him for it. It took him about 2 days of seeing the mirror propped up against the wall in the living room before he asked, "What's going on with this mirror?"

(before picture)

"I'm going to paint it white and hang it above the fireplace!" I said with exuberance. "I saw almost exactly the same thing on Design With Christine's blog and she decorated a room for a client and spent $1,000 on the mirror! Can you believe it?!! And I paid $15!" 

Yes, I spoke with exclamation marks because I was that excited.

My amazing husband caught my enthusiasm and gave me a resounding, "Okay," in response. He trusts me that much. LOVE. HIM.

And I went about painting the mirror white with the trim paint I used on the mantle and built-ins.

(after picture)

Exclamation mark. Exclamation mark.



Ariel said...

Beautiful :)

Sherri said...

Love it! but where is Emma pulling the wagon going? Is it coming to Grandma's house?

Dan & Hillary said...

Wow! You have an eye for 'flair':-) I bet Rem was sad to see it leave the spot in the dining room, though;-)

MelinaLawson said...

Very nice. $15 well spent! I always see fun decorating items and projects here, but I've only got 6 months left... I guess I can live in my small white box a little longer... But when I get home - watch out! We're dealing with 12 months of pent-up decorating urges! hahaha ^_^

Kelly said...

It's perfect, Alysun! I love it and the scale is just right above the fireplace!!!! (I'm speaking in exclamation points, too!!!)

Anonymous said...

LOVE it! And love that little red chair beside the fireplace too. ;) You have a Great eye for decorating.

Take care ~ sending our love!

Andee said...

Fantastic! Meanwhile, no one is ever going to believe you aren't Super Woman if you keep this up.

Janelle said...

Looks great! I want a mirror for $15 too! ...been looking at garage sales...

Anonymous said...

Very Nice! Jenni B

Cathy said...

Looks like it was meant to be there! Perfect. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

yeah! Kelsey

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Awesome find at $15...looks outstanding over your mantel!


Autumn said...

This looks great. I can't help myself and buy mirrors and frames with chunky wood whenever I see them.

Peters Family Farms said...

You are very blessed to have such a beautiful home! And a husband who will let you spend $15 =) What more could one ask for?!?