Monday, September 20, 2010

Truth or Lie.

There is so much to blog about, but nothing that is itching for its own post.

So I thought I would play a little game of "Truth or Lie." The following is a list of possible blog posts for recent events around here. I could write about each one and bore you to tears. Or we could play this fun game!

Which one is not true?

Mandy thinks she is 7 years old.

I bought acid washed, peg-legged jeans.

I played air piano in front of church on Sunday.

Mullets rock.

We have a toddler sized zucchini in our garden.

The dapper ring-bearer outfits modeled above were only $15 each.

I'm turning 30 next week and am happy about it.

Jeff wrestled a cow and the cow won.

Emma is working on inventing a machine that folds laundry 
(go ahead and pre-order yours now).

Rem is walking fast and furious.

I am painting my entryway a stellar shade of taupe.

I am painting an end table a stellar shade of red.

Okay, that's it for now. One of the above sentences is a complete un-truth. All the others are completely true (no partial truths around here).

Leave a comment if you have a guess. :)



Heather Davis said...

Mullets rock? That is definitely not true. I saw my first sista rock a mullet at church a few weeks ago. I tried
not to stare with my mouth hanging open. Plus who am I to
judge someone hair preference?? I'm sure not everyone diggs my mid length bob. But so what right?
And I have to add... I could envision the rest of ur list as plausible if they aren't all true. Although I feel like I know u well enough to feel slightly skeptical about the air piano playing. But maybe all I know is ur blog personality and not the real alysun lol
either way. Ur hilarious

Anonymous said...

I have no idea which one didn't happen but I would have paid money to see you wearing the acid washed, pegged-legged jeans while you played air guitar in front of church! Lol

Ariel said...

As far as I know you didn't play air piano at church on Sunday... so that's my vote.

Stacy said...

I was going to guess the jeans...but if someone who was at church with you on Sunday guess the air guitar thing I'm going to be disappointed.

simplykersh said...

I am going to have to go with you painting an end table red. I have heard about the red battle in your house. I truly hope I am wrong and you are getting to paint a table red!

Anonymous said...

Liking this game thing ... I'm saying that you totally have those acid washed jeans but couldnt possibly be showing affection towards mullets. Please no Alysun ....

Shawna said...

Okay, I think Mullets Rock has to either be a play on words or the one that is UNTRUE! I was thinking this post was going to be about voting for one of the unbelievable things happening for you to write about. I think you did that once. If that comes to pass, I want to hear more about the cow, the walking and the laundry. Hey that could be the making of a country song.

Grace said...

Has to be the cow winning! Good chance to brag on your hubby if I'm right!

Carissa said...

I saw Rem on Sunday and he was not walking....That is my guess....where did you get the jeans, I am still searching for an outfit!

Sherri said...

Only 1 untruth? I know how you feel about mullets, but I just saw Rem a week ago and he wasn't even standing very stabe yet...

Melanie said...

Only one isn't true? In that case, I'm going to put everything on the mullets.

Amanda said...

My guess is that Rem isn't walking, yet.

Sara said...

Unless "Mullets Rock" means something to you other than its obvious interpretation, I'll have to go with that. But after reading all these other comments from eye witnesses, Remi walking sounds like a close second vote. :)

Sara said...

PS) If the Jeff vs. Cow wrestling exhibition did indeed occur, did you happen to get pictures of that? ;o)There's a pictorial blog that would be a hoot to read!